Monday, May 10, 2010

Ghost Expereince in Mumbai

This story is from a place in Mumbai known as Mira Road. It was said 2 me by 1 of my professors who use2 teach me Maths. I was in 9th std during that time. It so happened k he use2 travel by buses 4 taking private tuition from 1 place 2 another. So once he got busy with 1 of his students n his tuition went on till late night like 12 because d student had his exams d very next day. After that d professor left for his home as usual he went walking towards his bus stop which was not so far by fom where he left. D place known as Jangid tower there r 2 bus stops facing each other 1 is 4 going towards d station n d other 4 going towards Borivli. As it was late midnight ther was no 1 except dogs barking he thought he had missed d last bus n was praying 4 any transportation to come soon. Suddenly out of nowhere d dogs barking turned in2 crying. Just as he looked up he saw a young lady in her 20's in a white sari standing just opposite him at d other bus stop 1st he thought it was some1 normal but just as he looked down he saw that lady had another face on her stomach dis sent shivers down his spine n he started 2 tremble wit fear. He gathered some courage and walked slowly 2wads d opposite side where d lady was standing and steadily he made it to his house without looking back and chanting Hanuman Challisa . This was told 2 us d very next day by our professor. On inquiring v found out that long 10yrs back a lady had been run over at d very same place and her head was crushed into two and she was spotted on full moon days but now she had disappeared for reasons unknown. dis is 1 of a true story that i wanted 2 share with u friends.