Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My sister's spirit made me studious- Angel

To start with, "i am 19,tomboyish in nature n nt at al intersted in studies." dis is wat my parents believe me to i'm a firm believer of god n believe in spirits 2.
dis ws 4 yrs bakmy sistr den 24 had been a victim of neglection frm her family due 2 being a girl child frm d vry beginnin
she ws 1 of d most intelligent persn whom i hav met personalyintelligent n smart-may it b her studies, her dance, her singing, her sports activity...whatevr it ws she ws a topper evry where n her brother jst d opposite-notorious, nt so gud in studies n alwaz ready 2 irritate sister ws d bst 2 speak wid-polite n humble,alwaz ready 2 help n wat al shud i say.she ws d bst.
a doctor nw, it ws her turn 4 marriage.her family membrs startd to luk 4 grooms n dey wer mostly finding grooms in either US or Australia.she met a persn frm Australia 2 b her ws luv at frst site 4 her n d family (groom's) approved 4 d marriage sis family members wer stil nt happy n wer findin sum1 sis ws ready 4 it as she knew it ws no use arguing wid dem 4 itshe wud nt b heard of n nothin wud b done 4 hr happines
she ws kind of being forced into a marriage bt she agreedher parents used 2 torture her 4 evn d pettiest f d thingsdis ws al her misery
nw it came wen she cud nt bare ny mor f it she committed suicide.wat i hv alwaz said 4 her ws dat she ws d winner in evry aspect bt nw she ws a complete loosr coz she cud nt face her life ny more n dat 2 at a time wen it ws al about her life being changed soon aftr her marriage(she ws nt going 2 marry a persn whom she luvd bt d 1 whom her parents hv chosen 4 her jst coz she stil wantd dem 2 b happy as she ws an obedient child f her parents)
my parents used 2 say 2 her wenevr she used 2 cum dat plz give her (i.e. me) sum intelligence dat she has.dey used 2 say "beta iske sir pe bhi haath fer de taaki ismein bhi thoda dimaag aa jaye.shayad teri vjh se (due 2 my sis) kuch padna shuru kr de aur sharartein krna bnd kr de""dat giv her (i.e. me) blessings so dat i hv brains n due 2 u (my sis) may b i'l start studin n stop being notorious"
i 4gt 2 tel dat i used 2 wear thick glasses b4 n jst 3 mnths b4 her death i gt my eyes operated.she died in may 2005 at d age of 24 n evry1 ws in a shock dat hw cum such an intelligent girl like her cn take such an xtreme step f takin her own life
at dat time i ws preparing 4 my entrance xams 4 my admission 2 a new college as already i hd dropped 1 yr f mine soon after schooli hd filled only 1 form n dat 2 ws nt sure if i wud clear my entrance or entrance ws jst few days after her death n wen result came it ws as if i wud nt get admission nywhere out f d den 5 colleges f d course
jst a day b4 d counselling n in a hope dat i may get into sum college i prayed n went off 2 sleepit ws d frst xperience f mine wen i woke up coz f a dream dat my sister ws caressin meshe calld me twice n wen i saw her she told me nt 2 wrry n dat whichevr college i want an admission i'l get
in my counselling i came 2 kno dat 2 other colleges opened up 4 d same coursen i gt admission in 1 f dembt it ws nt wat my sis had told meshe had said i wud get admission in d 1 i wantn i wantd in a college sumwat near 2 my homeso thinking it 2 b my imagination i 4gt
bt jst b4 opening f our college 2 my surprise i ws upgraded 2 d college dat i wantd 2 gt inton dat college i ws upgraded ws atleast 3 colleges ahead f d college i ws admitted 2dis means approx 250 students wer upgraded n i ws admitted der
dis ws d first incident wen i interacted wid my sis after her deathi told b4 i am jst an average studentbt after her death i started scoring more marks n much more dan wat i used 2 gt b4my parents believed dat it ws due 2 d operation dat i ws able 2 concentrate more bt i strongly believed dat it ws my sis who made me do dis coz i rather stopped studin after i gt into colege
after evry xam i used 2 complete i felt her sittin nxt 2 me on my bednw i'l tel 1 more thingearlier i used 2 think she came in my dreams bt 1 day it so happnd dat i ws talkin 2 my frnd on phone at around 2 at nitei saw her standing 25 feet away at d door f my kitchendat ws d first time i gt scared frm her coz it ws wid my own eyes i saw her derno illusion n nthin as such coz d lights wer on n i cud c her clearly in a pink colored suitat d blink f my eye she ws standing jst 8 feet away frm me at d door f my roomn at anthr blink she ws at my head sidei gt scared n told my frnd dat i wud b talkin 2 him latr
it happnd several times n evry time i aw her she ws in either pink or redshe appeared 2 b thinner n vry weaki did nt tel dis 2 ny1 coz i knew none f my family members wud believe n my frnds used 2 tel dat may b she wantd sumthing frm mewen dis startd happnin on a regular basis say around 1 year bak she startd cumin evryday i told my mom abt it n she gt tensed n cud nt undrstand wat 2 domy mama is an astrologist.he cums 2 kno a no. f things dat happens wid v people.hw, i dont kno, he cam 2 kno abt it n calld up mom 2 say dat sum spirit is troubling her (me).she wud nt harm her bt she is nt married so she needs 2 b in peace coz she left dat vry time wen it ws a time 4 her marriageunaware of d death f my sis my mom told him abt her (my sis)
u know wht she wanted.....i think she had some dreams i n life...sayad jo adhure rah gaye ho.......she is looking herself in u...nd want u ki aap wo sab karo jo sayad wo na kar payi ho life mai......she wants to live her life again in u
he told mom 2 giv sum cloth of red or pink or sum bridal color 2 sum needy persnn also sumthing 2 eat 2 needy persn 4 atleast a month on a weakly basis n dat it shud b given by me onlywen i startd doin dis she went awayshe did nt scared me againi stil feel her sumtimes bt it is jst 4 sum scnds n den its al ovrshe seems 2 b happy nwbt d fact remains dat i according 2 my parents became vry studious at dat timedey thought it ws due 2 my eyes being operated bt i feel it ws coz f my sisn i'm sure abt it coz frm d day she stopped cumin after my xams i hv again dropped my grades n m nt performing as wel as b4 i used 2 wen my sis ws aroundi hv told my parents dat it ws my sis who made me do dis jst coz dey used 2 say her "beta iske sir pe haath rakh de, thoda apna dimaag de de, thoda shayad ye bhi padh legi isi bahane"she had tried 2 fulfil wishes f al whom she knew n dis ws 1 she cud nt wen she ws alive so she came bak 2 me 2 fulfil der wishshe has been d bst prsnn she is stil d bst prsnplz if possible pray for her .