Thursday, May 28, 2015

Safilguda Another haunted place in Hyderabad

This is my perosnal experience which happned just a week before. It was a weekend and I had no engagements like weekendparties etc. And my wife was too went to her native place for visiting her parents. So I had nothing special on that day to do. I decided to go for a movie. After watching the movie and having my dinner at a famous eat out joint. I just went to tankbund. Sitting on the benches I always enjoyed my smoking. Rather than the chemicals and chemical reactions involved in the process of smoking, to blow out the smoke against the wind which is coming from the opposit directiion always tempted me to smoke at tank bund. When you blow out the smoke the wind will bring all the smoke towards your face and hug you with its smoky hands. It is always like a loving hug by your girls friend. I really enjoyed the love and affection of the wind in that hugging.

Coming to the incident, As usual after spenting some time at tank bund loving the wind, I started back to my home. it was around 11'O clock in the night. As I mentioned earlier my wife was not in home. So I was not in hurry to reach home and was riding my bike very slowly. After paradise, marredpally and all I entered the military area (AOC Centre). From the fountain circle I have to turn left towards my home at Safilguda. I was riding slowly and there was no light in that area. Being a military area in late nights it will be empty and absolutely no traffic was there. I think it is some time around midnight. Before reaching Safilguda railway cross there is another unmanned raily cross is there in that route. This is specially for the defence purpose and the frequesncy of train services is very less. Once in a week or so. On that day there was no train and even the railway cross was unmaned. Some small bulbs were shining far in some military quarters and otherwise it was fully dark. Even the moon was not visible due to heavy clouds.

She was standing on the side of the road near the military quarters gate. As the quarters are a little far from the road there was not much light there. So I could not recognise her face. She was clad in white churidar with a coulourful duppatta with long black hairs which is left loose. As she waived for a lift I stopped my bike. It was quite unnatural to see ladies of her age (Late 20s or early 30s) at that place at that time. So I was a little bit amused. I offered her a lift till safilguda level cross. She sat on my bike keeping her legs on each side of the bike. Since to start immediately I have stoped my bike in Second gear and when I raised the acceletar the bike was not moving. I thought it as an engine complaint and changed the gear to the Ist position and agian raised. Bike is not moving. the lady on the back laughed in a chilling voice and asked me whether I know riding. 

Taking it as a joke I told her that since last 16 years I am riding bike and ready to try on any models. She laughed. and suddenly the bike moved. She slowly moved her hands around my body and hold me tightly. First I thought she is doing this as she is scared to travel in a bike. But as she started fondling my chest over the shirt I was quite sure of the type of lady she is. Yet just for a thrill I bowed my body a little behind to be closer to her. Suddenly I felt like sleeping and the bike was moving. I don't know what happened in between I wake up as the lights of the lorry coming opposit to me stared into my eyes at Safilguda railway gate. Suddenly I lokked back to see the face of the lady. But nobody was there. I remember tillI move a few yards with her on my bike. Then I am seeing that I am at Safilguda gate which is almost 3/4 km from the spot. Either before this particular day or after this day I have not seen such a lady there.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Rano a very cheerfull girl who has a posh family...with god grace they were having everything ...completly cool family including her 1 brother mom n dad..

Rano's bro rehman got settlement in canada for his higher studies..while rano was much involved in fashion..desingning..she's gal with much modern thoughts...

Rano's parents..were loving they never imposed their own ideas over their chidren for their likes n dislikes...Rano was like born with silver spoon in her mouth ..she was having whatever she want...loving family.. .she was a portrait of beautifull imagination...

After she completed her fashion desingning...her parns..gave her a surprise shock of her marriage which she replied negativly..but somehow she agreed for that...
After 3 months she married with amir ...Amir was a decent man with god fearing..n loyal nature...he use to work in a multinational company..with a good financial background..
his parn's got shifted to singapore...after their marriage..

In the staring as it was a arrange marriage they cudn't get dissolved with each amir was kindaa reserved person..he was really bad in experessing his love for his wife...
For rano it was lil bit difficult coz she never thought of sitting at home all the time..she began to spare her time in shopping with hr frns...

After some ..time they rano and amir came much close to each other...but then also for rano it was something missing in her realtionship...she cudnt understnd his hubby completly..although she was performing good to be his wife..

A happy news made them like they got the world..rano was expecting...after 3 months rano told amir that she wud like to go home to her she is alone all the, no one to look after..the things which are needed in this time.most... .to this amir agreed happly n arranged her tickets to leave her at that she may get proper care at her gestation period..

It was her 9th month but amir was so busy in his schedule that he cudnt visit her they use to talk on phone whenevr he was having time...
Atlast that day came rano gave birth to a boy ..but due to some adviced her to take bed rest till 2 she has no choice to stay at her muma's home..

After somedays when she was at her home...she was feeling..suffocated coz of lying down all d time at she thought of roaming in balcony ..there was nobdy at home that time except..her maid..she stands in her balcony that suddenly something gatherd her was a old house ..which can be clearly seen from her balcony ..there was dead silence all over the house,...walls were luking black with white patches..wooden doors were broken..from the the veranda..all the place was shrubbery..something striked her mind that although she lived her 23 years in this same room she never noticed so much silent a diiffrnt dead ever that house

Her eyes were stuck on that house...suddenly she felt like blank..totally blank she walks n sits on the down stairs..n gone totally blank .that suddenly her maid shake her " bibi ji kaam ho gaya mein jau kya??"( my work is over ,if u permitt can i go now)...she didnt replied to her that her maid felt something wrong..she again ..shake her hand "bibi ji bibi ji"

she gave a shocked expression and says '" kya hua..yaha kya kar rahi ho kaam kar liya??( what u r doing have u completed all ur work)

maid get confused" ji bibi ji abhi to app se theek ho na"(ya bibi ji just now i told u..r u alrit"

Rano gets up n says"theek hai jao "( okay go now)

her maid with some confusing thought moves away from there..rano comes n sits near by her child ..he was sleeping ..she felt some drowsiness ..n gone for a deep sleep .

she wake up in the evening saw that her mom dad was home ..her mother was making her child to sleep she asked her mom" mummy what happen to me ..why i was sleeping so long.,,"

mom with calm expression" nothing beta may be coz of medicine you took"
she nodded in yes ..then said after a minute" mummy i m not feeling well i think i should sleep some more ..if amir calls me jus tell him okay mumma"
mummy:"okay beta u take rest"...


rano sleeping deeply on her bed ,with her child aside suddenly she felt something wrong by the side of her bed..,,there was dark in the room..only lil light was lighted up..she felt like sombdy liked aged man of 60's is sitting near by her bed n smoking...her heart beat was running fast lik she gonna die now....even her throat was also seems like locked..she cudnt scream out...for that time she felt lik she is in hell ...that suddenly she felt someone blocked her mouth ..she fainted...

next day ..she opened her eyes ..but cudnt gather her memory whatever happened with her last nit..she was feeling week inside...
but she was shocked what she saw ...there were all green and blue patches on her some one has beaten her..she screamed out for her mom ..she came running she showed her all her marks ..." mummy what happend with me..what is this"

Her mother was like cat caught her tongue she cudnt ...recognize what the hell happend...her mom look those scratches it was like internally bleeding but they were...only scratches clawed on her body..arams n leg..

Although it was a spine chilling.omen her mother thought not to reveal this thing infront of her daughter..she calm down her putting some antiseptic over those scratches...n made her sleep....

Day was fine till it got truned in to .....THAT SCARY NIGHT!!!!...

Rano was sleeping with her child suddenly some screechy noise broke her nap...she get up n sits on her bed looking around..she moves to the balcony to see what is happening out...that is also so late in night....

she stand over there for some minutes then she gave a look to that dark house that suddendly ...she saw something glowing at the veranda of that house...
that was looking like shroud...that was bright white in colour.. covering any body ...n lots of screeming ..crying..voices coming from if someone is dead.those voices were so scary ,enough to gave..a heat attack!!..she freaked out when she saw she turned back ...suddenly someone pushed her hardly that she sprawls....down on the floor...

she scream our but ..what weird she saw was unpredictble...over human imagination...

A transparent object was sitting on her bed near her child..and started changing its shape...and the most horrible....thing made her like paralyzed that..she cudn't scream. out....that object...started entering in to the body of that child...tears were rolling down her cheeks but she was helpless....then dont knw what power she got..she gave a hard squawk..and fainted...

listening this her mom dad came running to her voice .They found..rano lying down on the floor....and child was crying badly....


Her mom and dad were sitting near by her...her child was with her mom...Rano wake in a strange she was sleeping she sits up with a jerk..with wide opened eyes...she started smiling...with poker face..

All were stunned..with her unusual...behaviour...Her mother asked.."rano what happend why you were lying down on the floor last nit..what has happend.."

She looked her mom and keep smiling... stares her like she is not able to understand...what she is saying...she replied.."mom where is amir...i have to go my home..he must be waiting for me..."

this made her parents like their daughter gone mad or what...why shez is speaking so strange...

her mom pardon again : "Rano beta tell me what i asked..what happend last night.."

But she was like busy in some other world...
Rano stared her child...

rano: " mumma who is this child"
mother: "Rano its not the time to joke over here...its your child dont u knw"

rano with her innocent look.." when i got my nad amir got just married mom..amir loves me mom ...(bcm frightned) i want my amir mom...where is amir call him( started crying a small kid).."

Now this actually shaked the souls of her parns..they cudnt understnd ..why n what..wrong??

Her parens decided to took her to the gynaecologist..for the check..may the heavy medicen are giving there.....reaction..

Her mom took her to the hospital..

Doc: "when she started doing this."
mom: "Since, from the morning doctor..she is doing very strange things as i told u now.."
doc: "hmm actually after pregenancy also ...a proper care should be taken of the patient..if she take stress..over her brain..after delivery period...she can lead to the alter effects...ya there are rare cases like this..but if its not can be really bad...with no chances of getting cure"

mom:(worried).." yes doctor i will take care of her.."
doc:"where is her husband.."
mom:" actually hez busy with some of his professional work.."

doc" see i told if she is goin to take such..stress..nothing can help ..her .."
mom: " i understood doc thanks"
doc:" i m changing her tablets...including some new .. plz takecare of her"

Rano with her mother came back to home..

rano was sitting on her bed..near her mom n her child..on her lap..with that same poker face...she was ..lost some where in her thoughts..

suddenly her mom forget to bring feeder from the kitchen..she walks to the kitchen to took the feeder..

as she came back to the room....she got frozen ...with that blood curdling scene..infront of her eyes...

Rano was going to throw the child out of the balcony...her mom run like anything n grabs the child in her arm.."Rano HAVE YOU GONE MAD.. you know what you were goin to do.."

Rano b'cms frightened at this " mumma this is not my child MUMMA ITS A GHOULISH child...i hhhave to throw this boy otherwise...he will kill us mom.."(she was crying like hell)

In the meanwhile her father came running he takes the child in other room ...her mother was so shocked and sad on this situation..she made rano to calm down...They( parn's)understood that she is not really okay!...she can be..cryptic regarding this moment...

the day was this but cause of the unusual happening..and miasma..all over the house...her mother sleep in the same room with rano and her child...

The child was sleeping..between rano n her mom..on the same bed...all of a sudden rano wake up she looks at her mom...and child..she took the blanket..put that baby in that blanket...and rolled up it... and slowly began to move outta room..
when she was opening the door..her mom gets wake up..but she didnt moved..coz she wann to see why rano is going at this time of night..her mom follows her quickly........

what she saw was petrifying...rano holding the blanket like a bag...carrying her child so carelessly...

Her mom moves hurriedly... near her and hold rano 's arm tightly....turns her back.."rano ..what u doin here.."

rano:" mumma ..(with her red eyes)...i told u na ..this is an evil its not my child...(tears were running down her cheeks)..i wannt to cut him in to peices with .this .scythe"

seeing that scythe..her mom got frozen..she must have got heart attack ...

she quickly took that scythe from her hand n throw it away . took her child from her..arms, rano was getting...furious..she just want to kill her child anyhow...but condition was unexplicable...for rano

Somehow her parns took rano to her room n made her sleep..

her Dad:" its really weird condition..."

Mom:(sobing) " i cant see my daughter dying like this...she dont even recognize her own child"

dad: "dont worry GOD will help us ..i m going to call amir...jus now.."

Rano's father told the whole thing to amir..
when amir came to knw about all this,..he felt guilty for not taking care of his child n wife..whome he loves more thn his life...

In the morning amir was with rano...

Rano opened her eyes she saw amir sitting near by her...she hugged amir..

Rano :" i missed u amir where were you...plz take me away from here.."

amir :" rano ..i love u i n i m sorry i cudnt takecare of you n our child...."

rano:" child whoze child r u talking about.."

amir: " what happend to u dont u knw we had a child"

rano:" plz amir dont u act like mumma..we dnt have any child..u knw amir we had a evil in our house...."( started feeling fear of that)

amir:" rano what happen tell me everything....."

Before she could tell something..she got fainted...

amir was so confused at this state ...he was deprssed too, he was in fear of lossing rano if she go like this...

Rano's mother came to room

mom:" beta can u come out side we need to talk something"

amir:" ok mumma"

amir came to living room ...there he saw some neighbour lady was sitting there with all house member.."

rano mom:" amir beta shez our neighbour banno..she is telling something regarding rano plz come here.."

amir:" aslawalequm..."

bano:" walequmasalam...beta...actually i heard about rano..sad to knw about her...but i think her mother doesnt knw about that house located some distance from here..."

amir: "house?? which house r u talking about"

Rano's mom n dad...with all ears

bano:" actually nearly..40 years ago...that house was owned by a lady..who got married to a man who was much older then her..nealry he was in 60's n that lady was. in 30...after so much time of marriage..they cudnt have a single child...that lady use to work as a maid...n get some of the money like this for her food..she was upset with her she has got nothing to satisfy in her life...her husband use to smoke n drink all the time over that he was filthy with his character..he use to sit outside his house to gaze other womens around.....but one day she(his wife) lost all her hope..of her life when she came to knw that she is having cancer in her stomach..

she cudnt tolerate all this pain in her life she quit her life ..........

she bought the poison...mixed it with in the food...n gave to her husband...n took herself too..neighbour didnt knw about it ..after some 3 dayz when her neighbours started.. smelling the smell of decomposing bodies ..they searched for that in her house ...they found their bodies ..lying.over there...the people who used to live near by her house...burried their bodies as they (lady n her hubby)were not having..any of ...their own relatives to look after them..

since from that day...when any women gets pregnant n delivers child ..her family has to give some stuff to that house.. to make her spirit in peace otherwise it may disastrous...."

rano's mother..:" oh my god we didnt knw about it...this is ...rano once told me that she felt some old man sitting near by night..but i thought it as her i ignored it..oh my daughter..(sobs) shez in trouble now..."

amir..:" dont worry mumma we will do all arrangements..our rano will be perfectly fine after that.."

bano :" dont worry your daughter will be fine..just you have to make that spirit in peace..."

amir stand up
amir:' bano ji will u plz tell me what else we have to arrange for that..."

bano told them to bought some milk..sindoor ..n food stuff......they arranged all that ...was needed..with some others help they have put those all things in that house..

all thanked god..


THAT SCARY NIGHT which was coming after this day was bringing something else for them...


**althought they made that spirit in peace..but they forgot about that old man...who was thinking to go so easily...

coz as we all knw ..some male spirits are vicious..they cudnt get off so easliy**


rano was lil bit fine with her condition after some dayz...she was also taking care off her child too all were happy for that..
amir and rano in her room near that balcony..

amir: "rano dont u think we should go home.."

rano: " ya ..i was thinking that too but...its mom dad aniversery in this week..we should stay here till that time..they will be very happy...with us.."

amir:" hmm you r rit..and beside that i will get the time to spend more with you n our baby.."

rano:" hmm..amir i m feelin sorry ..i feel guilt( tears in her eyes)..i tried to kill my own child...what kind of mother i m ..."

amir:" its not your fault rano...(hugs)..i knw we both love our child then was the situation which wasn't created by you..."

rano:" hmm"

amir.: " and with this only i understood how wrong i was..i never gave u that time..that care which u needed from me...i m really sorry for that"

rano..."now stop this sorry sorry ...its time for lunch n mumma calling us..comm'n now"


rano was sleeping deeply suddenly she felt as someone is smoking again...she freak out suddenly ... she asked amir to wake up

rano:" amir ..aa..mir plz getup amir ..something worng over here..."

amir wakeup

amir:" what happen rano"

rano:" (crying in fear) ..amir hez here again. that old man is here ...plz amir do something he will kill me..."

amir: '' rano dont worry i m here .."
**as amir was very religious..he knwz how to keep the evil things away...he started chanting some prayers**

suddenly a lamp get broken by itself...they understood that its dangerous to stay at this room ...amir asked rano to move away from here with her child she did the same..n amir gets away too locking up that room

NObdy could sleep that night. rano was ..feeling very scared off it..

next morning

amir to her dad" dad i think..we should call some priest"

dad:" ya we can n i think we should consult him about all this"

a muslim priest came to .he felt something uneasy when he enters rano's room

Priest comes out of the room

priest:" hmm the information you have given about that old man...was correct...i think..that old man spirit cudnt leave coz of rano...we have to do some religious ceremony in that room..rano clothes are needed which she was wearing when she had expereinced that old man for the first time.."

amir:" ya i will get all anything serious??"

priest" still not that much ...but it can be... nothing can be said..."

everything was arranged in that room...priest n his members started doing that prayer..then priest took rano's clothes. that scray house ..of that old man...

he started burning..those that place..and .he came back evrything was looking normal n healthy...

priest to family members:" everything is done which i can do ...but amir..(pointing to him)..u have to take care of her..i will give you a prayer it consist of one line only..but its words are really powerfull indeed!..if rano ever felt that old man's read that will all ur trust on god..evrything will fine"

amir took a deep breath...

amir:" offcourse i will do all that is needed..."

priest:" and plz have a reminder on your mind asked rano to be punctual in her prayers...that will help her to stay away from all evil effects..."

amir:" yes for sure""

priest gave them blessing n took leave from there

amir rano's parns were really happy that their house n daughter both are free from that devil ...

amir was very happy to have his wife n child ....along with him safe n secure...after a week everything was good...parns were happy to see their daughter healthy n fine...

Now..amir n rano going back to their.. home sweet home...leaving all those sadness ,pain ..behind...with their new life ..rano understood that fact that their is something much more she expected from her realtionship ...rano and amir had a great bond after that...for him now his wife n child came first at place thn his work ...and rano again became ..a women with silver spoon...she got everything she wann now...but ya today also when she remembers all that happend with ..her child..she feels spin chilling fear...but shez happy that her amir is with her in every situation...n she thanked god ..for saving her life from ............................[[[[[[[ THAT SCARY NIGHT]]]]]

Friday, May 15, 2015

My uncle's... HORROR experience ! ! !

I hope that it was approximately before 10 years.... I was just 9 yrs old... Almost at evening time... Just before the sunset... A phone call came to ma house... I received the call... My uncle was speaking on the other side... He asked me to give the receiver to my mom... Then, my mom attended the call... Suddenly her face was changed on hearing some news... Yes... Its really a shocking news!!! My grandfather was died unexpectedly!!!!

I along with ma family rushed to my grandfather's home... Later, we learnt that he had died because of unexpected heart attack... We and our cousins were really shocked of his death... But, that shock didnt last even three days... Everything just changed...

Yes... After three days... All the sorrows were almost vanished from our mind... Now... Everyone in the house were happy (except my mom and grandma) as most of our cousins were gathered in grandpa's house...

Actually, according to HINDU traditions... Some customs should be done for sixteen days to the person, who was dead... So, we along with the family planned to stay in our grandpa's house for those sixteen days... And, some cousins also planned to stay in our grandpa's house... It was quite a small house (of just 6 rooms)... But, we managed...

So, oneday night @ about 9pm, my nephew (just 7yrs old) told my aunt, "Mom!!! I want to pee!!! So, give company to me..." ... I laughed at him, " He... He... So, you wont go alone in the dark... eh?"... Actually, he was afraid of the dark... So, he regularly asks aunt to come along with him... Similarly, that day also... He called her... But, my aunt was busy in her works (cooking).... So, my aunt asked me to give company to him... I also went along with him... Then...

Over there.... ( actually, we usually have silly competitions such as "Who is eating first"... like that...)... So, that day also we had a silly competition... "Who is urinating more amount of liquid?"... (sorry to mention these things in the thread...)So, without others knowledge... We took two vessels from the kitchen... And, we started the competition... While, we are urinating... We heard a noise, "See !!! What mischievous these kids are doing?" servant shouted in loud voice towards my aunt... Hearing that, my nephew flew away like a JET... Since, my aunt may punish him...

But, to my misfortune... My mom had caught me and blowed me on my back... Due to pain, I started crying, "Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!".... My mom shouted," Stop it!!!"... I screamed again more in a loud voice," Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!".... My mom again shouted, "Stop crying!!!"... But, no use... So, my mom left away and started to look after her work... I also sumwat tired by crying... So, I stopped crying...

Then, that night 11pm... All of them went to bed... So, my aunt was good in saying HORROR STORIES.... So, I & my nephew went over my aunt's bed and asked her to say stories... So, she started saying a story... Actually, I'd already known that story... But still I and my nephew listened to her story... She also finished that story... Then, we asked for another story... That time... My uncle came," Hey kids!!!! come on!!! I had an interesting and horror story, which was really happened to me before several years..."... Hearing that, we jumped in joy... In joy, I jumped over to my uncle's bed like a monkey... Seeing that, my nephew too jumped over to that bed... But... Lol... He jumped over my uncle's belly... My uncle shouted," Huppppppp!!! Hey... Are you born to a monkey? why are you jumping like this?"... Hearing that, an old man(cousin) laughed, " If he(nephew) was born to a monkey... who is that MONKEY?"... My uncle too smiled... forgetting his pain... Then, my uncle started narrating his own experience....

The story is as follows:-

Actually, my uncle owned a shop, "SREEKUMAR SOUNDS"... He used to do decorations for parties, festivals, marriage functions... He too rent loudspeakers for And, he had assigned six labours for that work...

And, once he got a task (decorate) in Irachakulam(a village)... So, he had to go to Irachakulam (continuously for 3days...)

/* Irachakulam is a small village in Kanyakumari district... */

Actually, he owned an old AMBASSADOR car... Kids used to criticize that car as KUSU VANDI('FART VEHICLE')... (lol... due to the noise made, since it was old...)

So, he along with his workers travelled to Irachakulam for decoration purposes...

So, he along with his workers travelled to Irachakulam for decoration purposes... That was evening 6pm, almost dark... They actually had to take a turn in the main road... After that turn, they had to travel across a road (which was very quite) to reach the destination place.... While travelling, my uncle found that place so strange (since, the place was very quiet and no pedastrians or any vehicles were across the road)... He didnt notice any house over that place... Shortly, it can be said as INHABITED place...

So, finally he reached the destination... So, inorder to control his sleep, he used to chat with his co-workers... So, they continued their work by chatting with each other...

During their conversation one of the co-worker interrupted my uncle and said, "Are you much aware about this place"...

During their conversation one of the co-worker interrupted my uncle and said, "Are you much aware about this place"...

My uncle just replied,"No!!! Whats special over this place..."...

Co-worker: Do u know that this place is not safe to travel during night? This place is haunted...

Uncle (denying the fact): Oh... Still, you guys are believing these stories... Our Kanyakumari district is a developed area with lot of literates... But, still you are talking about these supernatural stories...

Other co-workers too joined the conversation...

Co-worker2: No... BOSS!!! You should believe the fact... You, better ask the people over this place... Hey, there r some stories that if we used to travel alone in a two-wheeler or four wheeler... We can see a man sitting behind us...

Uncle: (remained silently... he was somewhat shocked bcos he had to travel over that place on that day... )

But, their work was so much delayed due to unnecessary conversations... Lol... They used to chat everything about politics, other family stories except useful things...

After he had finished all the decoration works... He prepared to leave that place @ about 1am (early morning)... Since, his co-worker's hometown was Irachakulam, my uncle alone went in his ambassador car...

On the way... He heard some howling sound of dogs and strange noises... But, actually my uncle is a courageous man... So, he didnt take it as a serious one... Then... He saw an old man, wearing white dress... But, he is something fishy about it... Because, he didnt see a single person in the evening time... But, he feels strange to see an old man walking in the night time... And, that old man asks lift to him... But, my uncle didnt stop the car, (since in our hometown... Thieves used to ask lift during night and used to push the owner from the vehicle and he used to steal that vehicle... It is a common practice followed by thieves in Kanyakumari)...

And, after crossing the old man, he just saw him through the rear mirror, he was surprised!!! Yeah... That old man was not seen behind at the road... Some fear had strucked my uncle...

And, after few seconds... To his horror... Again, he saw that old man walking by the side of the road... He was not sure... Actually, its not possible for a man to overtake ma uncle's vehicle by walking... But, that old man's back resembles the same old man he had seen before few seconds (same shirt colour too)... So, he somewhat confirmed himselves that he had seen the same old man... But, this time... old man didnt ask any lift... Again, after crossing the old man... He tried to saw him thorough the rear mirror...

Again, to his horror, that man was not found behind at the road...

He was almost frozen!!!

Then, his car was stopped unexpectedly on the road...

Then, his car was stopped unexpectedly on the road... (since it was an old ambassador car)... He tried to start it (again and again)... But, no use...
The story and the incidents narrated by the co-worker was repeating in his ears... At that time, he really felt sorry to denying their facts...

And, now... He was frightened to look whats the problem in the car... Somehow... He came out.. And, he tried to look out the problem... Since, it was so dark... He cant point out, "Whats wrong in the car. . !"... So, he was now in a dilemma, whether to check out the fault in the car (or) to walk alone over that inhabited place...

Actually, he felt that he would be safe, if he reached the main road... But, somehow he was frightened to walk towards that main road , since he thought, "What to do... if he encountered the old man again"... He was sure that if he face him again... He would die of HEART- ATTACK... Almost, he had to walk for about 15 mins to reach the main toad...

Finally, he somehow decided to walk very fast towards the main road... But, his each and every second was like an hour... He just closed his eyes and started walking..

Sometimes... He used to open his eyes lightly to check whether that old man is there... His legs are shivering so that he cant walk so fast...

And, now... He heard a sound... Yeah. . ! Its the sound of a two-wheeler vehicle coming from a long distance... Since, that place was so quiet... He can sense the sound of that vehicle which is coming from a distance...

Now, his heart felt happy to know that he is not alone over that place... Now, after few seconds, he could see the vehicle... Now, He planned to ask lift...

But... Somehow he was sad bcos if that man suspects him as a thief, he would not help him...

But, he decided to ask lift and he felt that, its that man's wish to decide whether to give lift...

My uncle put his hand towards that vehicle... He too stopped... My uncle cant ever speak a single word to that person. . ! But, still reaching the man road, he was shivering...

After reaching the MAIN ROAD... He felt as he was escaped from a HELL and reached the HEAVEN. . !

After reaching his place..! He thanked that man a lot and finally reached the home. . !

Then, he decided not to travel over that place on overnight. . ! Next day, he narrated all his incidents to his co-workers. . !

After that incident, He became a GHOST- BELIEVER. . !"

Finally, my uncle stopped his narration... All of the other people (my couins) also heard his narration. . !

And, a old man(my cousin) also said, "Yeah. . ! That place is still a dangerous one to travel on overnight. ." Then, I asked him to narrate any other story. . !

My mom interrupted, "Its already late night... Lets all sleep. . !"...

We also said, " Gud ni8... " to each other and had a gud sleep with nice dreamzzz...

*************************THE END***********************************

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Haunted Cottage

Akshat, Jannat, Sharmin, Sandeep, Aryan, Rahul were all engineering students.. they met in first year in the same class and then became good friends.. time went and Jannat and Akshat and Sharmin and Sandeep turned in to couple from friends.. still they were in group and dint let their relationship to hamper their friendship.. Once while they were sitting in canteen—

Aryan—man its so boring out here.. lets go somewhere for outing or trekking..

Rahul—yeah I seriously need a break..!!

Sharmin—bt where will we go?

Sandeep—I think we shud ask Akshat.. he knows many places..

Akshat went to bring some food and all of their eyes were watching his way.. he came back wid his food and started to eat.. all of them gathered him and started to ask repeatedly to tell them abt any place.. he gave a glance on all the curious faces and said, “Aryan’s uncle had bought a plot last year.. to build a farm house.. what happened about it Aryan?”

Aryan—oh yes..! yes we can go there guys.. wait lemme seek permission from my uncle and parents..

Within next 10 mins both parents and uncle gave him permission for holiday of 4 days.. his uncle had shifted to London bt he informed that there’s a maid who will help them wid everything they need..

All members of the group asked permission from their guardians and all were allowed to go.. so all of them left the other morning in Akshat’s jeep.. Akshat and Aryan went there before so they knew the way.. it was cold climate.. moreover the house was located at kinda cool location which was some 200kms far from the city.. Akshat was a good and stable driver so nobody had problem wid him driving.. soon they entered in to the perimeter of that hill station where the house was situated.. climate was getting colder and colder.. fog was increasing.. Akshat was driving at speed of 10kmph to avoid any accidents and was pushing horn in every 10 secs.. he cud literally see nothing.. no roads nothing.. just thick fog.. Akshat asked Aryan to get down and guide him wid road.. Aryan agreed and got down.. he was guiding and walking and Akshat was driving behind him.. suddenly Aryan began to walk fast and Akshat was losing him.. he called Aryan to walk slowly bt he dint respond.. and he was lost in fog..

Akshat—wtf man..! I seriously don’t like this..! Aryan??? Aryaaannnnnnnnnnn??

Jannat—plz calm down and don’t shout.. leme give him a call..

His cell was left in jeep.. Akshat halted the jeep at road’s side and stepped outside it.. his eyes was jst searching for Aryan.. everyone stepped down and started to look for Aryan.. Akshat was a mild smoker and he began to smoke.. Jannat was making faces seeing that.. suddenly Rahul shouted, guys..! look there.. we all began to watch in the direction in which he was pointing.. Aryan was standing near by tree and relieving himself.. Akshat shouted—Aryannnnnn!! U a******..!!!!

Aryan came running towards jeep..

Akshat—dude, wat is this? We got so much worried..!

Aryan—woah! U all got worried for me?

Akshat—nahi re..! we were worried ki without u how wil we celebrate at ur farmhouse..!

All began to laugh on this..

Aryan—abe ****!! Sorry.. I went to relief myself.. and I called that maid.. she will be here anytime to help us out.. I told her abt sceneries.. she said that its jst 10 min away from here.. bt way is bit tricky.. so she will be here shortly..!

Akshat—Hmmm!! Good..!!

Within 15 mins all of them seen a old woman walking towards us..

Akshat—is it her?

Aryan—I don’t know bro.. have never met her.. most probably it shud be her..

She came towards us wid a smile and asked,”ye Aryan baba..??[Aryan..??]

Aryan—haan haan aunty.. aap Rajesh uncle k ghar ki maid ho kya?[yes yes aunt, r u the maid of Rajesh uncle’s home?]

Maid—ji haan baba.. laiye aapka saman pakad leti hu.. chaliye aap sabh mere saath..[yes kid. Give me ur luggage and follow me..]

Akshat—arre nahi aunty.. aap baithiye gadi mei aur hume rasta dikhaiye..[no aunty, sit wid us in our jeep and guide us..]

Maid sat wid them n guided them towards the place.. after abt 5 mins of driving, they entered in a compound.. it was 1980’s old home.. broken walls, a banyan tree in compound etc.. all of them were confused especially Aryan and Akshat.. because according to Aryan, his uncle jst made this house..

Aryan—aunty are u sure this is the house? It doesn’t look like it is jst made few months back..

Maid—it is this house only beta.. now its ur uncle’s choice he made it like this..

All of them looked at each other wid confused faces.. ignoring that everyone followed maid and they went in.. she had maintained the home well.. she showed girls their room on first floor and boys their room on ground floor.. she asked us to get fresh and she wud prepare something to eat.. all went to get fresh except for Rahul.. he began to look around the house.. he was checking the perimeter, when he saw a well behind the house.. he went closer to it.. climate was cool so he began to smoke there.. he was stepping lightly towards well murmuring a song.. when he went near well suddenly..

Maid—what the hell r u doing here??

Rahul—what?? Is this the way to talk? U nearly killed me..!

Maid—im sorry.. I told u to get fresh and that smoking irritates me..

Rahul continued to smoke ignoring her.. she gave him tough looks and went inside.. “stupid oldie” he muttered and threw the cigarette in well.. he went in to get fresh..

Everyone gathered for food and they were jst chatting abt the climate and stuffs.. they had their food and decided to have camp fire to avoid cold.. so Akshat called maid and asked her for some woods..

Maid—its better if u don’t go outside.. its dangerous..

Akshat—dangerous? As in?

Maid—jst listen to what I say..

Rahul got angry on this..

Rahul—listen.. im jst having some patience looking at ur age.. don’t test me..

Akshat—hey hey bro calm down.. and aunty.. don’t worry.. we will jst do it for sometime and then we will sleep..

Maid—near the tree u will find wood logs.. I will keep some kerosene there.. give me 15 mins.. I will make sitting arrangements and prepare eatables too..
Saying this she went in..

Akshat gave a slight tap behind rahul’s head and said, “see, always anger doesn’t work..!”

Maid arranged everything and all of them were sitting in compound near camp fire and playing truth and dare.. it was going smoothly.. it was rahul’s turn now.. he asked dare.. sandeep asked him to go behind home and bring some water from well.. Rahul laughed on this and said, “what yaar? Is this a dare??”

Sandeep—yes it is and u have to follow it..

Rahul sighed and headed towards well.. few mins passed but he dint return.. sandeep shouted, “yo bro, u need any help??” everyone began to laugh on this.. bt no one cared that there was no reply from Rahul.. suddenly it began to rain..

Akshat—wtf..! rain in this season??

All of them ran inside.. to add to their luck, power also went off.. everyone was sitting in hall and were waiting for Rahul.. Sandeep got pissed wid him.. he thot Rahul is playing some mischief and trying to scare them.. he asked akshat to accompany him to check the area where Rahul went.. Akshat agreed and went wid Sandeep.. they both went and checked the place bt they couldn’t find Rahul anywhere.. Suddenly something caught Akshat’s attention.. there was some blood on stone near well.. Akshat went near it and blood was fresh.. he got worried and called Sandeep.. Sandeep looked above and found that the place was covered by trees and hence blood dint wash out wid rain.. he checked inside well bt because of dark he couldn’t see anything..

Akshat—what now?

Sandeep—I got no idea.. maybe he is just kidding wid us..

Akshat—what about blood?

Sandeep—I don’t know about it.. lets go inside.. we cant do anything in this dark.. lets wait for morning..

They both started to go back.. when akshat heard something from well.. he stood there and looked towards well.. sandeep was walking and dint notice that akshat had stopped.. akshat went near well and checked once again.. he could see something inside well bt not clearly.. he turned to call Sandeep bt by that time he wasn’t there.. he again looked inside and he couldn’t believe his eyes.. whole well was filled wid blood.. he rubbed his eyes and checked again.. it was jst normal again.. he headed towards house, terrified..

Here everyone was now worried for akshat.. akshat came in 2 mins.. Jannat ran and hugged him tightly.. she was almost sobbing.. he consoled her somehow.. Aryan was looking for maid bt couldn’t find her..

Aryan—where the **** has she disappeared??!!

Akshat—maybe she went home..

Aryan—I don’t have any idea about wats going on..!

Everyone was silent on this.. Akshat felt something uneasy on his back.. it was disturbing him a lot.. he took his tshirt off and asked Jannat to check it.. Jannat was jst shocked looking his back.. there were lot of scratches on his back and blood was oozing out.. Akshat was really shocked.. he ran and looked his back in mirror.. he was completely shocked looking at that..

Jannat—please lets go from here.. I m not feeling good.. please listen to me please..

Aryan—what abt Rahul?

Sharmin—its jst 200kms from here.. we will come back tomorrow morning and search him.. bt its really something fishy out here..

Sandeep and Akshat agreed wid them.. Akshat ran to fetch jeep’s keys and his wallet and all of them came out of the house.. weather was unbelievable.. it was raining really heavily.. without caring abt it, all of them ran towards their jeep.. bt it wasn’t there.. the jeep jst vanished from there.. seeing this jannat sat on ground and began to weep loudly.. Akshat consoled her.. they all went back to house depressed waiting for morning.. all of them decided to stay in one bedroom till morning.. no one was ready to sleep..

It was 3 am in night.. everyone was jst waiting for dawn.. sandeep was standing near window and looking at the well.. he was very close to rahul.. tears were rolling off his cheeks.. all of sudden he saw something near well.. Rahul was sitting there wid his head down.. sandeep got overjoyed.. he started to shout Rahul rahul..!! rahulllllll!!! Bt seems he wasn’t listening to sandeep.. Akshat came running near to window.. bt he couldn’t see anything.. sandeep was repeatedly showing him that Rahul was sitting near well.. bt akshat couldn’t see anyone there.. sandeep began to run towards well.. everyone tried to stop him bt he was adamant.. akshat held his both hands bt sandeep pushed and punched him hard in his chest.. akshat fell down.. Aryan tried to hold him bt he pushed him hard too.. sandeep went running towards well and he found that Rahul was sitting at the same place where they found blood wid his head down.. he called his name bt Rahul dint respond to him.. sandeep stepped forward and shook Rahul’s shoulders.. Rahul made his face up and seen towards sandeep.. there..! sandeep was damn shocked..! he literally fell on ground due to shock.. 

Sharmin was standing near window bt couldn’t see anything.. neither Rahul nor sandeep was visible.. she broke into tears.. everyone tried to console her.. bt she jst kept crying waiting for sandeep.. 1 more hour passed bt sandeep dint return.. sharmin stopped crying bt she fell numb.. jannat kept her hugging to her, trying to make her sleep.. sharmin came near jannat and said that she wanna goto toilet.. jannat looked around and found that room in which they were sitting dint have toilet.. so she asked akshat and took her to the room which was given to girls.. she stood outside and sharmin went inside.. jannat was thinking abt everything that happened.. she felt thirsty.. she looked around bt water wasn’t there..

Jannat—sharmin, im going down in kitchen to have some water.. after ur done plz return to other room..

No sound came from inside.. thinking that sharmin wants to be alone for sometime, jannat left her and headed towards kitchen..

Here in bathroom sharmin wen tried to open door she was unable to do so.. seems the door was stuck.. she tried to shout bt her voice wasn’t coming out of her throat.. suddenly in mirror she saw something.. it was maid’s reflection.. looking at her face, sharmin was so shocked.. she fell on ground..

Jannat went in kitchen.. there was earthen pot kept over desk.. behind earthen pot there was a huge painting.. in that painting a mother was holding her child in her forearms and looking towards baby wid sweet smile.. jannat smiled for a second and took the glass which was kept over the pot.. bt the glass slipped from her hand n fell down.. jannat bent and took the glass.. when she stood up.. the baby which was in painting was sitting over the pot and laughing loudly.. the mother who was in painting was also laughing loudly.. jannat was so shocked.. she fell on ground seeing all this..

In room akshat and Aryan was worried abt jannat and sharmin.. Aryan said that he will jst check it.. akshat told him to take care.. Aryan headed towards girls room and when he reached there he couldn’t find anyone.. he went inside bathroom to check bt no one was there.. when he was about to leave bathroom he heard some noise.. it was coming from window which the bathroom had.. noise was sounding like someone pulling water from well.. he went near to check it.. bt no one was there.. thinking it as hallucination he rubbed his forehead and turned.. there was sharmin standing between door and him.. her head was down facing ground.. sharmin? Sharmin? What happened? Are you okay?

She wasn’t replying.. Aryan stepped towards her.. he went near her and touched her shoulder.. she looked towards him.. Aryan was damn shocked looking towards her.. he fell down..

It was 4 am now.. akshat was left alone in that room.. he was really worried about his friends and his love.. he stepped towards girls room.. when he went inside he saw everyone sitting there except for jannat.. all were laughing and cracking jokes.. akshat got really angry watching all this.. he went near Aryan n pulled his shoulder hard in anger.. when he saw Aryan, he was shocked..! Aryan dint have any eyes.. no nose.. nothing.. jst plain face.. nothing over it.. he fell on ground.. bt somehow he regained his senses n ran from there towards the main door.. there he saw jannat sitting infront of door with her head hidden in between her knees.. he ran towards her and shook her hard.. jannat made her face above and she had same condition like Aryan and others.. he was damn shocked looking at her.. he crawled backwards when suddenly someone held his shoulders.. he looked behind and it was that old maid.. she had the same face like others.. that was it for akshat..

Days went off any families of missing children got worried abt them.. they complained in police abt them.. police set up an inquiry and finally found the place.. jeep was standing outside the gate.. police was shocked to see the scenery in compound.. 6 bodies were hanging from top of the banyan tree.. bodies were sent for postmortem and this was the headline in all news channels—

“6 dead bodies are been recovered from a barren house situated 200 kms away from the main city.. postmortem report says that 5 deaths are due to severe and immediate heart attack and rest one died due to drowning in well.. it is the same place where dead body of a old woman was recovered 6 months before.. according to parents of dead, children came here to celebrate their holidays and they took permission from owner of the house who is also their relative.. police is unable to make any contact wid the owner of the house who is said to live in London.. police is also unable to find the reason of all the deaths.. this incident is really cruel which took lifes of 6 innocent children.. their names are—
Akshat, Jannat, Sharmin, Sandeep, Aryan and Rahul.. may their soul rest in peace..”

~~~~~~~~~~THE END~~~~~~~~~~

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The Ghost Love Story

My name is rex.
am a guy who is really reserved calm silent and soft.
i never had a gal frnd in my life am not so out spoken and not even talented to express myself.
everybody called me loser dumb jack etc.
Even my parents thought am really dumb.
in short am the only guy in my school without a gal frnd.
Am a high school student in the state of ohio
where i have a very few frnds and good frnds.
my school was goin on so good as i have my frnds to help me out in all the situations
as am weak in studies i get scolding every day from my teacher
am poor sport person as am not good in any sport.

on tuesday 15th oct
when i went to my school
there was an announcement made to all about our farewell.
we all started our preparation for our farewell as the day is not far
due in couple of weeks
i had so much of happiness as i felt after school i wil get into a univ
Where i can get a love for my .
so i wat thinking abt the best attire i could wear on tat very special day
i decide to dress up with a cool black pant with a silver shirt and satin black blazer with a scraf
as we expected the very day came
i went to the party in very best way i could get there
as the party started we had so much of fun includings booze music and dance
everybody there had a gal to dance there
the most unlucky guy
myself had no one else except my loneliness
i felt very hurt and bad when i had no person to care and love me
i slowly walked out of the place

he party was taking place in a hill side resort
the outside of the party hall
was so silent pleasent with lots of trees plants cool breeze and river flowing down the stream
i jus went near the river and standing there
i felt so hurt tat i wanted to end my life in the very river
i cried tat my tears filled the running stream
when i was thinking abt my frnds my family everythin my loneliness killed me more than wat i can handle
i decided
tat i should die there
when i was abt to jump into the river . i heard a Voice "hey"
i turned back and saw
to my suprise it is a ............

its a beautiful gal in a pink gown
she was so beautiful i never seen anyone like tat
i was so happy tat a gal called me
and with all happiness i wiped my tears and went near her calmly and cooly
and said
Rex:hey whose this
her:my name is viola ,i came to the farewell party and felt bored of things there so jus came out for some cold breeze
Rex:oh really even i felt the same tats why i came out too
anyways my name is Rex
and i havent seen around the school anytime
viola:yeah i don come to school regularly as am a musical student and i practise and play mostly in outdoors
rex:oh you are a musical student tats good to hear
so wat u play
Viola:i play violin ,hey its gettin late for me
i have to go
Rex:so soon .. when can we meet again .
Viola: i dono. if we are meant to meet again we will
bye for now

the guy was really impressed with the gals beauty and her pleasent voice
he wanted to meet her again
the next day when he went his school
he searched for her
as usual he is unlucky to find her
he felt dejected
he searched for her in the school for the rest of the school days
never she was found there .
he was broken again
after few months
he came back to his own state of loneliness
he wanted to go back to the hill side river
he was sitting under a tree near the river
to his suprise he saw standing near the river edge and he went near her and said..
Rex:hey viola .
Viola:rex i never expected here again.wat made u come here
Rex:i felt very lonely as i have no love no affection from anyone i feel like am a loser.
Viola:oh no rex. don feel like tat .u can be my frnd .

hearing this Rex was out of this world as the first time a gal is tellin tat he can be her frnd

when Rex was asking abt where she lives and wat she is doing nowadays and why she is here
she said
this is the most happiest place ever she have seen
she likes to spend time and thats the place where she practise
they were speaking with each other for a long time tat none realised its getting late
suddenly rex heard someone calling.
hey rex wat are u doing here its very late and we are been searching for u for a very long time get back soon
it was rex frnds
he said bye to viola and he left the place
as Viola said she will spend most of the time in tat place
the next morning he came there but Viola wasnt there
he waited under the tree and it became afternoon due to tiredness and loneliness
rex slept under the tree
in his sleep he felt someone callin his name
he woke and saw it Viola
Viola:hey what are u sleeping here when did u come
Rex: i came here in the early morning
Viola(with suprise);
why so early
Rex: i feel very happy tat i have a frnd who cares abt me and wanted to spend sometime with u
tats why i came early in the morning
Viola:thats really makin me feel good Rex after a long time someone is telling me words like this
Rex:After long time ? what u mean?
Viola:yes Rex its been a very long time since someone spoke me so sweet.i feel happy rex
Rex thats so good to hear from a most beautiful gal
Viola(with Blush):Stop it rex it makes me feel somethin different

as time went they said bye and went
their meeting continued for a few weeks like this
they spoke much and spoke and spoke tat they both came really close

Rex came to a decision tat he loves Viola and wanted to express his love
and as he knew he is bad with expressing himself
he dint want to spoil any bit with Viola as he loved him so much
and Viola also liked him a lot.

on 14th feb he went to the same place
with a Bunch of roses and came there in a very beautiful dress
but at the minute he saw he viola he dropped the roses and ran near her and asked
Rex:viola what happened.why are u crying
Viola:Rex leave me alone pls
REx:why u crying temme pls don do this to me
Viola:rex u r my good frnd i don want to lose u . You are the only person whom am speaking with
pls leave me alone now
Rex:i don want to leave u alone at this situation
Viola:pls rex do it for me

rex went from there without heart to leave the place.
As rex came there with so much of excitement tat he gonna propose to Viola
it all ended up in a sad Way.
Viola saw the Bunch of roses he brought for her she was shocked to see tat
the next day ...

Viola was waiting for rex
when rex came there
she asked;
Viola: Rex did u bring me the bunch of roses sterday
Rex:yes i brought it for u
Viola :why did u bring them for me.
Rex:Viola i have never felt anythin in the beginning of our frndship
as time went it started to miss u so much and i feel tat i love u so much and
i don wanna miss u in my life.
Viola:no Rex loving me is impossible and it will never work out in anyway
don waste ur time rex leave me and go

REx tried to convince her so much
but she wasnt moved a bit
she jus walked away from the place
rex with do much of dejection he walked away from the place .
he cant forget her
he came there everyday for her
but she wasnt found there
it would have months since he met her there
but without his knowledge viola was watchin her
she was moved with his love and affection and dedication he had in his love
after few days she came in front of her
and said

Viola:Rex why do u love me so much
what did i do for u
Rex:i really dono what u did to me or what i did to u
my love for u growing everyday and every min
i cant live without u
Viola:rex u cant live with me
i love u too rex but this wont happen
Rex:why it cant happen
i want to know don hurt me viola pls
Viola:rex u should know abt me

Viola started with her past
Viola:rex i was born in the yr 1955
i am a student of the same high school
i loved a guy called Jim my class mate
i loved him so much
that he is everythin to me
but i never knew he was cheating on me
my frnds tld me abt him never blvd him
my love covered my eyes
we had our farewell on the same hill side resort
i came here in this pink gown and when the party was goin suddenly jim was missing
i searched for him
he was not found in the party floor
i went to the top floors where it had rooms
i searched for him
i heard weird noise in one of the rooms
i opened it slowly

Tears rolling down her eyes
she said
Jim was making love with another gal
he cheated me
and i saw it with my very own eyes
he used me for my beauty and wealth i ran out of the place with tears and hate
without any thought i jumped into this very own river and killed myself
Rex:what?? killed urself
viola stop lying to me
Viola:rex i love u so much for u love and care i don wanna disappoint u
touch my hand u will know it
With so much tension nervousness shock and pain
rex tried to touch her hand
his hand was never able to touch her hand
she was a spirit
who died to cheating and love failure

but Rex love was indeed so much for her
he was full of tears
Rex never wanted to leave her
he loved her with all his hearts
truelly madly deeply
without any hesitation he dint think abt anything jus jumped into the same river and killed himself

his spirit rose in air
he came to Viola and said
Rex:viola will u love me now?
Viola:rex what madness u have done rex
i dint want u to die tats why i saved u in the very first time when u wanted to kill urself
Rex:viola i feel to live without u is better to die and be with u
accept me
Viola:realy moved with the love he have for her
she hugged him
and said Rex i love u so much
the both hold their hand together and walked into the woods in the hill
---------------THE END----------------------------------------

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Mysterious Phone Calls (Continued)

she couldnt understand wat to say.. she just wen ahead n disconnected the phone.. it rang again.. she dint answer.. it rang 3-4 times.. she dint answer.. finally it stopped.. she took a sigh of relief n thought that if this guy disturbs again she will go to police.. it then rang again, in a hurry she pressed the green button and then again red button.. enuf it was enuf for her..
it was raining outside.. she was thinking deeply abt sudhanshu.. wat kind of guy he is?? he has some supernatural power or something? he hasnt harm her in anyway.. waise bhi! its just a phone call.. but how come he got her phone number?? she was sure it was some of her friends.. she thought of talking to him the next time he calls..
and yes.. her cell rang.. hesitantly she picked up..


sudhanshu--u missed me, here i am..

sheetal-- i dint miss u.. was just thinking about...

sudhanshu--about? how come i came to know tht ur thinking of me??

sheetal--yeah! u have some supernatural powers or wat?? u knw almost everything abt me.. u come to knw sooner than even my mom! wat kind of guy r u?

sudhanshu--well.. i keep an eye on u whole day.. ur mom does that?? look around u will find me..

sheetal terrified.. she just moved her head around n look all around.. she was all alone there.. watchmen!! watchmen!! security!!
she was shouting like mad..

sudhanshu--dont worry dear.. i wont harm u.. n btw.. the watchmen is full 2 bottle down.. but dont worry.. no one will harm u.. i m here to protect u..

sheetal somehow felt consoled by that.. but still she was very much confused abt this guy..

sheetal--but how?? how is it possible?? im very much confused..

sudhanshu--listen dear.. i wont harm u.. i just need a good frnd.. if u want then we will continue.. if u think im irritating u thn wont call u from this moment..

sheetal needed a company badly.. for a moment she forgot everything strange abt this guy.. she said, yes i accept ur frndship.. but wid a promise.. u will tell me trick for this magic.. i also wanna learn it..

sudhanshu--i will tell u everything.. everything u wanna know.. but not now.. later someday..

sheetal agreed.. from that they daily used to chat on yahoo + on phone.. sheetal was getting amazed day by day by his tricks of knowing each n every moment of sheetal's day..

sheetal searched abt this on net.. she found tht some ppl have power to see anything happening at the current moment in any part of the world.. this line relieved her.. she also wanted to learn those tricks..

she had a team mate named Nitin who had eye on her.. he used to flirt wid her wid no limit.. sheetal used to feel lot of discomfort wid this..

it was new year eve.. nitin decided to call sheetal on his farm house on that name of new year party.. he approached her.. since nitin had a good touch wid boss of the company she dint want to disappoint him.. but wat if!!

the next moment her cell rang.. it was unknown no. she picked up.. sudhanshu?

sudhanshu--so? u r going wid nitin??

sheetal--i dont want to disappoint him.. he cn help me.. u knw.. my family situation is really bad.. wat do u think? i shud go??

sudhanshu--listen dear.. he's not a good guy.. dont go wid him.. he is intending to use u.. will u accept the money in exchange wid ur pride??

sheetal declined wid him.. she went n told Nitin that he has plan wid one of her frnd.. Nitin asked who is it? sheetal thot for 2 secs n told sudhanshu..

nitin--wat name u just said??

sheetal--sudhanshu.. y wat happened?? u look like i have told u some alien's name..

nitin--ah! nothing.. just lost.. nothing its fine.. carry on.. but if ur plan gets cancelled then tell me.. im alwz ready..

sheetal was confused looking at nitin's reaction when he heard the name..

her cell rang..

sudhanshu--y did u lie to him??

sheetal--i want to meet u.. right away.. tell me where do u live??

no answer from otherside..

she began to think.. wat kind of person he is?? she right wen on net n searched abt this call center in which she was working.. bt she got no info.. she was searching abt this situation wen she came across MYSTERIOUS PHONE CALLS..

she right away clicked on it.. she read,

the unsatisfied souls try to contact the real world wid every possible medium.. sometimes its just unbelievable.. we have collected informations in which spirits have called, mailed or even sms the real world persons..!!

her cell rang.. she picked up..

sudhanshu--how is she??

sheetal--u moron! im not afraid of u.. God will punish u for leaving ur mom in this state.. n y r u asking me?? cnt u come n see her for urself??? u will realize ur mistake then..

sudhanshu--she hates me.. the reason for which i wont be able to face her.. n listen.. i dint commit suicide.. no one knows wat happened that night.. it was raining heavily.. after i talked wid my mom abt that girl, i was standing in balcony.. i heard a sound on my back.. wen i was about to turn, i slipped off n fell from balcony.. i love my mom more than anyone.. i wont make her cry intentionally..

sheetal--im so sorry.. but.. wat do u want from me??

sudhanshu--u appeared to me just like me.. that night wen u were near balcony, same thing was gonna happen to u.. thats y i called u and diverted ur mind.. i just want u to take care of my mom.. ur a very nice girl.. n if u dont mind, cn we continue our friendship??

sheetal--i dont know wat to tell u.. ok.. will continue our friendship.. n will take care of ur mom too..

since then she is talking to this spirit on phone.. wen someone asks her that to whom she was talking? she just whispers silently,MYSTERIOUS PHONE CALL!!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~THE END~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Mysterious Phone Calls

Sheetal was quite simple girl.. she belonged to a poor family n er dad expired wen she just 8 yrs old.. she completed her graduation wid help of her maternal uncle.. there was still 2 months for her results to be out after which she wud get placement in any company.. she thought of not wasting this 2 months n doing some job so that she can collect some money which wud help her in household activities or even in pursuing her post graduation.. not to forget, she had high self respect.. she thought of joining some call center where she cn high payment, bcoz she was a graduate.. or some company where she cn do work wid help of knowledge..
she tried on few websites, thinking she can try her luck there, also consulted to her friends.. her one of frnd was having a touch in highly known call centre of that locality.. she was called for an interview.. she went over there n she was selected in 4th round..(if u dont know, in call centers u gotta give bunch of interviews..)

she n her mom was very happy for this.. her mom felt proud for her.. she thought, she dont need a son.. i already have one..

sheetal began wid her job.. initial days were hectic, as she needed to learn everything.. but she dint feel down.. she gave her 100% n her team-mates n team-leader were very happy wid her..

she was single.. kinda lonely in her personal life.. she wanted someone wid whom she can share her feelings.. her pain her loneliness.. she came across internet for first time in her life.. chatting, mailing was completely new for her since her mom couldn't even computer for personal use.. while working, she used to go online, n try to make some friends whenever she got time.. she used to enter in chatrooms, try to find a friend.. but every guy used to ask for pic or telephone number, which she thought is not safe to share due to scams.. she started to get bore of this n thought that God wants her to be alone for whole life.. while thinking this, tears were coming out of her eyes..
she thought of giving up! went for lunch but forgot to log off.. wen she came back she was amazed to see that a guy knocked her, asking for a decent friendship.. his name on screen was nightmare.. thinking for a while, she began chatting..

nightmare--hey.. wanna chat? for a decent friendship..

sheetal--there is no place for decent friendship now a days..

nightmare-- yes u r right.. but look around.. there is possibility of finding 1 in 1 crore.. n u have found out..

sheetal(wid a small smile)-- i like that.. wats ur name?

nightmare-- u cn call me anything u like to.. u cn call me ur frnd if u like to..

sheetal-- strange.. im a girl still ur feeling shy to tell me ur name! :P

nightmare-- its not like that.. my name's Sudhanshu..

sheetal-- aha nice.. wat do u do?

nightmare-- nothing.. just keep on surfing..

sheetal-- u mean u dont do anything for living?

nightmare-- where i live, i dont have to work..

sheetal thought he's kind of rich parent's junkie..

nightmare-- n which section of INTELI u work in??

sheetal was shocked to see wat he wrote.. how come he knows where she works??

sheetal was shocked to knw that come the guy knws she work in inteli?

sheetal--how come u know i work in inteli??

nightmare-- well honey it was just a gues..

sheetal--guess r never perfect.. tell me.. how do u know??

no reply.. annoyed, thinking maybe some of her team-mate is playing prank on her.. n if thats so then its really bad one.. since her team leader became her kinda good frnd, she discussed it wid him.. he told, i have all my team-mate's yahoo.. but this nightmare is not one of them.. maybe someone is playing a prank on u dear.. dont worry.. aisa toh hota reheta hai..

sheetal gave a thought on wat her TL said.. she convinced herself that maybe its just a prank n thought to forget abt it..

next day she again thought of going online.. as soon as she logged in yahoo, a window appeared on the screen.. name was again nightmare..

nightmare--hey.. sorry abt yesterday.. had to leave..

sheetal--its fine.. but will u tell me who r u?? n how do u know where i work??

nightmare--told u honey it was just a guess..

sheetal--thats really weird.. its better for u to tell me now.. if u tell me later then u might loose frndship wid me..

nightmare--that wont happen sweetheart..

sheetal--ah! will u stop calling me from such names??

nightmare--itna ghussa kyu ho rahi ho?? boss ne danta kya??

n yes.. sheetal was shocked again.. she just had an argument wid her boss..

sheetal--really u r pissing me off!! tell me who u r or else im gonna block u..

no reply from other side..

she blocked her id n thot maybe this is the end.. which was her illusion or dream..

depressed n pissed off wid this guy, she stopped going online.. several days passed.. she made herself busy in work.. so that she cn distract her mind from her loneliness.. one night, she had loads of work to do.. for which she was doing overtime.. the whole office was left empty except for her n the watchmen.. if anything happened wid her at this time, no one wud come to know.. bcoz her office was situated at 13th floor.. n watchmen had the bad habit of drinking n sleeping on duty.. bt widout worrying abt all this she was busy in making reports on computer..

tired, she raised her hands in air, stretched them n closed her eyes.. cursing her TL in her mind she heard a beep.. wen she opened her eyes she was amazed to look on screen..

she saw a yahoo bar.. chatter's name-NIGHTMARE..

wtf! i blocked him.. thn how cn it be??

nightmare--hey.. y dint u come all these days?? missed talking to u.. were u busy?

sheetal--how cn u talk to me? i blocked u the last time we talk..

nightmare--cn i have ur phone number??

sheetal--no way!!

she just switched off her pc.. n took a deep breath.. wAt a strange weirdo!!.. she muttered..

just after 2 secs heard her cell phone rang.. no. was unknown.. she picked it up..


otherside--sheetal, y did u go offline?? did i say something offensive to u??

sheetal was mum for a minute! she couldn't understand wat was happening.. wat to say on phone?? wat if he is around?? will i be safe?? all these questions were roaming in her mind..

Friday, May 1, 2015

The Paargaon Village Horror

This story was narrated by one of my relatives, while she was swearing on god, that its true...(I still can't imagine it to be true).

Village Name: Paargaon
Village strength: Approximately 50 houses
Incident date: 13th November 1987 (friday)

In the backdrop of a beautiful village, lush green turf, winter season, due drop crystals shining while soft rays of sunlight rest inset, mild fog in the early hours, 3 villagers walk towards the river located approx. half a kilometer from the village (vaitarna river: 100 kms from mumbai)...

Husband and wife in there early 40's and fellow neighbor (late 20's), walk in pace towards the river, cold early hours, to catch sweet water fish. They reach the mouth of a river and realize there is a man in his late 50's sitting besides the river. Man appeared to be skinny and his upright position deflected shrinked human astral. Villagers were approx. 100 meters away from the man.
Wife (shouts): Hey...dont sit so close to the river, its deep, are you...
Husband (shuts wifes mouth with his hands quickly): stay quite

In no time, the entity jumps in the river and without any movement swims opposite to the flow of the water, the entity disappears in split of a second.

Wife (shocked and sweating), feels intense head pain and weakness, holds husband's hand tightly, lets go from head is paining and am feeling acute restlessness...she just throws her body on husbands shoulder and they start moving back towards the village. They keep silence while returning towards there gothic home. The neighbor constantly looks behind and appears scared. While they take few steps toward the village, neighbor realizes that few years ago there was a rumor, a killing happened near the river due to land dispute amongst the family. The dead one was burried with his hands and legs along with all the torn parts of his body....

The Neighbor (Name: Madhav) realizes that the gruesome killing has left its evil presence due to the horrific act few years ago. He choses to keep quite unto the time they reach home...
(Husband: Eknath, Wife: Shailaja)

Once shailaja returns home she becomes restless and the incident just conquers her thought beyond the tolerent limits, she sometimes fell unconscious, her head pain continues and she constantly thinks about the evil incident. Her husband just rubishes the incident off and tells her to concentrate on household duties.

Madhav after few days tells her: "There was a rumor, which only few people know, there was a family which had many acres of land just besides the river area. After there mothers death, who always stood tall to take care of her 2 childrens created rift amongst brothers. Elder brothers wife supposedly conducted adultry with younger brother who was married too. It was never established that this was true however villagers blew this rumor out of proportion. Elder brother started to take over the entire property and fenced it to his name, while his anger turned into rage, a night came when both the brothers met in the lush fields of there own land and begun the argument followed by a fight. fight was followed by a gruesome killing of elder brother, the young one, strong and aggressive, chopped off his brothers body parts to tiny pieces and buried him somewhere near the river."
Madhav also quotes: "Since this incident, there have been many incidents of people getting drowned in the mystic river"
Shailaja: "Are you trying to help or scare the grave out of me"
Same night shailaja was unable to sleep, she feels restlessness, As she closed her eyes she felt that evil entity is positioned besides her. Her husband was asleep. She feels an intoxication from within, as if someone is pinching her heart, she throws-up and feels intense pain is really conquering her body from within...

Shailaja, as the day pass by, appears to be distressed and in exile, her restlesness creates an anxiety from within. She literally shivers in pain and sleepless nights continue for weeks after the river incident and particularly after learning about the gruesome killing. One cold evening in the mist of mild darkness, shailaja moves out of her house to find one of the missing buffalos that they breed for milk. She moves towards an empty turf, feeling minutely relieved that she found the missing one. As soon as she walks towards the buffalo it falls down like in a whisk, appears as if it was dead while it was standing and then shattered down with whisk. Shailaja feels terrified and again feels as if someone is crushing her heart, her hands shivering in fear. Horrified with the act, shailaja runs towards her house and fells unconscious halfway to awakes only in the morning. She explains the incident to her husband who quotes there buffalo had returned in the course of time yesterday...
Shailaja: "Am living in the world of exile and fear, evil constantly attempts to conquer my heart and soul, there aint any peace and life seems to be getting harder then i could imagine"
Eknath: "I know you have been suffering without a cause, please keep your mind out of evil thoughts and I will take care of you (...hugs her)

For few days Shailaja sleeps well & with warmth of her husband everything seems to fall in place, her constant fear is curbed.
But this was just a matter of few days, then a terrible thing happens...
Shailaja's neighbour madhav gets bitten by a viscious snake (in remote villages there were no doctors) neighbours called a local practitioner to treat him. Madhav's pain was terrifying and he just couldnt stop shouting, crying in muffled voice due to pain. Practioner suggests to cut his left limb as there was a risk of poison spreading accross the body. Madhav chooses to live retard and his left limb is chopped off, Pool of blood survives in his house...

Madhav's tyranny doesn't end here, little did he thought it was just a beginning...'Beginning of an end'...The day his limb was made redundant, he also feels horrifying pain in his right limb. The practitioner who awaits his wellbeing is surprised to validate that he is also infected on his right limb. He assumes that snake-bite was not at one place only, and asks madhav to chose between 'life and his right limb'. The horror petrifies his thought and the muffled voice in pain survive, madhav is unable to take the decision as the night goes by...He gives-up and tells the practitioner to do what he thinks is right for him, he begs if he could just kill him to revive from the pain. The Healer Practitioner quotes "life is always painful, physical pain could be overcome by mental strength...Time heals everything, you will learn to live". To his dismay even the second limb is chopped-off, blood pours in the heart of earth.

Days surpass, these days were filled with horror and restlessness for both Shailaja and Madhav. Madhav recoups from dismantled body, starts thinking why evil has swallowed there lives...

Madhav lives in exile, he gives-up on eating, speaking and living, his mind slowly and gradually consumes his intelligence, His heart speaks about living but mind speaks about death to achieve salvation. His state of mind is weak, emotions are deep rooted and lie in the corner of his heart, they lie dead, not a single drop of tear is ever seen in madhav's eyes. Fear grips him and he believes his state is an act of cruelty by evil. He wonders, is it really due to river incident or is there a deeper meaning behind this situation...?
Night of Terror: Madhav is in enigmatic sleep, suddenly awakes in the middle of the night and shouts loudly in pain, pain is intense and torturous, he shivers in dismay and agony, feels that his heart is literally burning, villagers gather and attempt to break open the strong door of his house eventually succeeding in doing so, realize that madhav is bitten all over his body, atleast 700 bite-marks evident on his body, villagers afraid to death, Madhav panting, decides to end his life and release the intoxication to free his soul. Madhav begs for death and the practitioner (local healer) is left with no alternative but to let him die quickly. The act of killing being strictly prohibited under any circumstances, practioner passes a naked knife with which madhav sliths & slaughters his throat , he succumbs to gruesome death as the blood spills in haste...
Villagers, terrified with this incident stand still, each individual petrified to the core of there heart, there eyes stoned with disbelief and fear...

Shailaja realizes, Madhav was victimized by evil. Her weak state-of-mind tweeks her thought process which wanders why the tragedy really happened? why this world appears to be a living hell where evil rules & ruthlessly kills. She spends sleepless nights day after day, she dreams about myriad snakes who torture her soul and make her mentally weak, distance between her husband and family increases day-by-day. Shailaja stops eating supper & appears restless every second of the day, her speech appears Jittery and suppressed, her words wobble, her body appears to have shivers all time. Days pass-by and she starts sleeping in cows shed rather then her house, for days she doesnt change her clothes which literally appear rotten and smell disgustingly foul. Her husband and family abolish her, they make numerous attempts to descipline her but with no success. Villagers call her witch and pelt stones at her and some villagers start considering her "mad". She starts beating village childrens in the fields to venge her anger, she also attacks men and scratch-off there clothes, she knocks villagers door and run away during nights, she kills small animals like Mice, Kittens and puppies brutally, attempting to feed then to cattles that villagers breed. One night she enters a house in broad daylight and attempts to feed a new born child, the mother of child is terrified to see this while doing her household and stirs entire village. Her act creates rage amongs the villagers (this act in hindu dharma is considered to be strictly evil), who bundle together with strong sticks, while she's asleep in the shed, beat her 'to death' in cold blood. The rage so intense & gruesome that it paints entire shed red, her blood completely soaken out of her body and her soul goes extinct...
After Madhav and Shailaja's terrifying incident, the reason for there tragedy unfolds...

One evening a village boy expresses the truth, he quotes his friend that he saw Shailaja and Madhav commencing adultry in the same fields where gruesome killing of elder brother happened few years ago. He did not speak about it earlier due to his fright. The fact spreads like a bushfire and villlagers affirm that batrayal caused them harm & trauma, the spirit of elder brother consumed there lives, It not only extincted there lives but also ensured there death was painstakingly gruesome.

Villagers, even today, consider those fields unholy...

------------------------------------------------THE END------------------------------------------------------