Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Midnight Ghost Experience

It was a cool spring evening. Lisa and Julie searched through the back yard, looking for Mark. "Come on, Julie! We have to find Mark!" said Lisa. She looked behing a bush, them under the deck. "Midnight!" The girls heard someone yell in the distance. They ran as quickly as they could back to the home base, formally known as the white car. "I'm gonna get you, Mary!" said Mark, as he chased Mary back to the small car. With a quick touch on Mary's back, Mary was it and Mark was not. "Aw man!" said Mary in disappointment. "I'm it!" She ran to the back yard, as the other children began to count. This was their favorite game, Midnight, and they played it as often as they could. The rules of the game were: One person hides, and the others count to twenty-four o'clock. They then go look for the hiding person. If someone finds them, they yell "midnight," and try to make it back to the home base without being tagged. If they get tagged, then they are it and have to be the one to hide. "Twenty-one o'clock, twenty-two o'clock, twent-three o'clock, twenty-four o'clock!" Yelled the children, as they began their search for Mary. First, they searched all the obvious places to hide. Then, when they did not find Mary, they searched the harder hiding places. They still could not find Mary. "Mary!" yelled Julie, "We give up! You win the game! You can come out now!" There was still no sign of Mary. "Hey look!" yelled Mark, "it's Mary's shoe!" He held up the white Nike tennis shoe. "Maybe when she was running to hide, it fell off and she didn't have time to get it," said Lisa. "Let's go check the front yard." Lisa decided to get to the front yard by going on the left side of the house, opposite of Mark and Julie. As she walked past the ivy, something caught her eye. She went over to get a closer look, then she stopped. There, in the ivy, was Mary lying down face-first in it. She has tripped and landed on a rusty nail that had gone right through her.

Luckily, Mark and Julie saw her and ran over to her. When Mark saw Mary, he yelled, and Julie ran over and threw up behind the bush. A few hours later, Mark, Lisa, and Julie sat quietly in their beds. They had been in the emergency room for the past few hours, then been asked to leave since it was getting late. The doctors had said there was a chance she might live, but it was not very likely. Julie turned off her light, and closed her eyes. She did not want to think about poor Mary any more. She woke up about two hours later, for no apparent reason. She quickly peeked out of her cover, and gasped at what she saw. She saw a dark figure with black hair, that had a nail going right through it's stomach. No, thought Julie, It can't be! "How could you let this happen to me?" Spoke the dark figure, "Now you will get to see how it feels." Julie sat in shock, and closed her eyes as the figure reached out it's hand toward her. It was a sad day at school the next day. Mark and Lisa were very upset, and so was everyone else. When it was time to board the buses, Mark and Lisa sat in the same seats, as usual. " How could something like this happen to Mary? She never did anything wrong!" Said Lisa. "It just seems so unreal," Mark replied, "I can't believe it actually happened." "By the way, have you seen Julie? She was not in school today." "She is probably home, because she was so sad about Mary." As they talked, the bus was about to cross an intersection. Then, one car went left, and so did another, causing a wreck. The bus swirved, trying to avoid the collision, but did not prevail. The children screamed in fright, and the bus fell on it's side. The children tried to climb out of the windows, so they could get to safety. Mark and Lisa did too. Mark could not feel his left leg, and Lisa had twisted her ankle, so she could not walk. As they looked over to the side of the road, the saw a dark figure with black hair that was missing a shoe walking towards them and smiling.