Thursday, May 28, 2015

Safilguda Another haunted place in Hyderabad

This is my perosnal experience which happned just a week before. It was a weekend and I had no engagements like weekendparties etc. And my wife was too went to her native place for visiting her parents. So I had nothing special on that day to do. I decided to go for a movie. After watching the movie and having my dinner at a famous eat out joint. I just went to tankbund. Sitting on the benches I always enjoyed my smoking. Rather than the chemicals and chemical reactions involved in the process of smoking, to blow out the smoke against the wind which is coming from the opposit directiion always tempted me to smoke at tank bund. When you blow out the smoke the wind will bring all the smoke towards your face and hug you with its smoky hands. It is always like a loving hug by your girls friend. I really enjoyed the love and affection of the wind in that hugging.

Coming to the incident, As usual after spenting some time at tank bund loving the wind, I started back to my home. it was around 11'O clock in the night. As I mentioned earlier my wife was not in home. So I was not in hurry to reach home and was riding my bike very slowly. After paradise, marredpally and all I entered the military area (AOC Centre). From the fountain circle I have to turn left towards my home at Safilguda. I was riding slowly and there was no light in that area. Being a military area in late nights it will be empty and absolutely no traffic was there. I think it is some time around midnight. Before reaching Safilguda railway cross there is another unmanned raily cross is there in that route. This is specially for the defence purpose and the frequesncy of train services is very less. Once in a week or so. On that day there was no train and even the railway cross was unmaned. Some small bulbs were shining far in some military quarters and otherwise it was fully dark. Even the moon was not visible due to heavy clouds.

She was standing on the side of the road near the military quarters gate. As the quarters are a little far from the road there was not much light there. So I could not recognise her face. She was clad in white churidar with a coulourful duppatta with long black hairs which is left loose. As she waived for a lift I stopped my bike. It was quite unnatural to see ladies of her age (Late 20s or early 30s) at that place at that time. So I was a little bit amused. I offered her a lift till safilguda level cross. She sat on my bike keeping her legs on each side of the bike. Since to start immediately I have stoped my bike in Second gear and when I raised the acceletar the bike was not moving. I thought it as an engine complaint and changed the gear to the Ist position and agian raised. Bike is not moving. the lady on the back laughed in a chilling voice and asked me whether I know riding. 

Taking it as a joke I told her that since last 16 years I am riding bike and ready to try on any models. She laughed. and suddenly the bike moved. She slowly moved her hands around my body and hold me tightly. First I thought she is doing this as she is scared to travel in a bike. But as she started fondling my chest over the shirt I was quite sure of the type of lady she is. Yet just for a thrill I bowed my body a little behind to be closer to her. Suddenly I felt like sleeping and the bike was moving. I don't know what happened in between I wake up as the lights of the lorry coming opposit to me stared into my eyes at Safilguda railway gate. Suddenly I lokked back to see the face of the lady. But nobody was there. I remember tillI move a few yards with her on my bike. Then I am seeing that I am at Safilguda gate which is almost 3/4 km from the spot. Either before this particular day or after this day I have not seen such a lady there.