Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Ghostly Experience of Shaniwar Wada

This incident happened last year , when I was working in an IT Company at Pune. I was staying near Budhwar Peth, and since am in to Support jobs so had to work in 24x 7 shifts. The company had availed cab facility for the associates working in shifts so I used these cabs to commute from/to office.

I had recently moved in this area as my maternal aunt had to rush to Phoenix , US , where her son lived with his wife . As my bhabhi suffered miscarriage and there was no one to take care of her , my aunt had no other option but to go there and look after her. Before leaving she insisted me to come and stay there till she comes back and to look after her husband who was heart patient. I moved at her place in late August 2009 after dropping her at Mumbai Airport.

I still remember the day when this incident happened. It was 18th September 2009. Uncle had gone for Yoga classes and on Fridays he used to visit hospital for routine medical check ups.

I was given evening shift that day. It was a Friday and I was pretty much relaxed as I was planning to go out with friends next day. It was 11'o clock in the morning when I was awakened , my cell phone ranged.

It was 11'o clock in the morning when I was awakened , my cell phone ranged. I missed the call , I was surprised to see the cab drivers' number , I called back and
he picked up the phone
"Chetan saab apka pata kya hai? mai abdul driver bol raha hai" I was pissed off .

"Are abdul bhai abhi 11 baja hai , pickup 12:45 ka hai" said I. Abdul replied "Mere ko pata hai sahab mai us area mein naya hai islliye direction puchne ke liye phone kiya" I explained him directions to reach home. I took shower and had lunch. I looked at the clock it was 12:30 PM. I received miss call from Abdul, I came down and we started heading towards office.

He took a turn and we came on main road. "Bas sahab, main road pe aa gaye" Abdul said and started radio. We reached near Shaniwar Wada and Abdul turned the cab in an alley as there was pickup for another associate.

We reached near Shaniwar Wada and Abdul turned the cab in an alley as there was pickup for another associate. Abdul gave a miss call on the given number in the schedule. He turned towards me and said "Nayee madam aaye hai , aaj se apki team join karegi" "Yes , I know" I said I had received the mail of TL few days back but I haven't met her so far as I was working in Night Shift last month. Few minutes later a pretty girl approached towards cab, abdul promptly opened the door , she
got in and said "Hi!" with a smile looking at me , I smiled back and said "Hello. Am Chetan" "Am Jahnvi" she replied "Nice meeting you"

I said. We were now passing through Shaniwar wada , near the bridge we saw several men women were offering obulations on the banks of river.Looking at them
Jahnvai ask "Do you know if there is Durga Temple in nearby area , you see am new in Pune" I replied "Oh yeah , one is near the university circle , its called Chatushringi Temple , you may board the city bus and get down at university circle" "Thanks" She replied with a smile " Tomorrow is first day of Navratri and I am planning to go to temple" "Its OK" I said smiling back "So you are quite religious, right? You must be fasting in Navratri" "Yes" She said blushingly . Our car had to stop as we saw a group of people carrying deadbody crossing the road. Abdul said "Kyaa saab aaj kal bahut
log mar rahe hain" "Thanks to swine flu" I said "and why these people have to perform obulations?" Jahnvi replied "Its Pitru Amavasya , today"

Jahnvi replied "Its Pitru Amavasya , today" "and what is that?" I questioned again She started explaining "Its a newmoon day wherein people offer obulations for their dead relatives and forefathers" There was traffic jam now which mean that we had to wait for another 10-20 minutes, so I just thought to pass the time in chatting about these traditions "and how these obulations are accepted by the dead ones?" I inquired , She replied "They offer food to preists , poor and animals , they believe that their dead relative will come in any form and accept the food" "I don't believe this how is this possible that a dead one will have food?" I said "Its' just a superstition" Jahnvi said "Look Chetan.You don't believe these rituals , but don't call it a superstition just because you don't like it" Jahnvi continued "You see every person is judged according to his karma , the one with good karma go to heaven and the one with bad karma go to hell after death , but there is intermediate state wherein a soul has to travel to their respective destination , these obulations serves as refreshment to these deceased souls" I interuppted her and said jokingly "You mean Ghosts , don't you?" She looked irritated but replied "I only call them as atripta atma" I laughed , at this abdul said "Saab ghosts do exist" I said "Shutup yaar" Abdul said "Nahee saab , ye bagal ke Shaniwar wada mein Kahta hai bhutiyaa hai" Just then a truck behind us blowed the horn. I asked "Abdul ji pahle piche ke bhoot se to jaan chhudao , kab se horn baja raha hai" Abdul moved the car , the jam was cleared "Arey sahab , we are too late , now we have to reach office at the earliest"
Abdul moved the car , the jam was cleared "Arey sahab , we are too late , now we have to reach office at the earliest"

Abdul dropped us in the office and said " Saab main drop ke liye nahi aaunga , chutti pe ja raha hun naya ladka aapke drop ke liye aayega wo aapko miss call deyga aane par" I said "fine" and moved to office. We arrived at our desk and Jahnavi went to meet manager. I was busy in checking emails when our Manager Prakash asked "Chetan" I turned and saw Jahnvi standing besides Prakash " I want you to meet Jahnavi she is new joinee, and Jahnavi please meet Chetan , he is one of senior associates in the team" both of us formally exchanged the glance , I said "I already met her in the cab" I formally wished her and Prakash said "Fantastic, Chetan. Please prepare training plan for her, you know Amit is on leave , Deepak is coming in night so I am tagging her with you for KT sessions" then he turned to Jahnavi "Please do not hesitate to contact me if you come across any problem" and left.
I asked her to take seat "I will have to prepare training plan by the time I do that, you may check the emails, that workstation belongs to Amit, he is on leave" It was almost 6:00 in the evening all people had left for the day as it was friday. Me , Jahnavi and some 2-3 people were the only remaining associates on the floor. I was almost done with training plan had monitored some routine jobs and was about to send helath check reports , I heard Jahnavi screaming...

I heard Jahnavi screaming...

I was startled to listen her screaming , I leapt her desk and asked "What happened? Is everything OK?" She had covered her face with palms and shivering with terror. Other associates arrived at the scene. "Kya huaa , Kaun Chillaya?" asked Aditi "Haan yar, kisi ke chillane ki awaz suni" said Vishal. Jahanavi was trembeling with fear she showed her finger at the keyboard , a lizard was lying there. "eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! shooo!!! shooo!!" screamed Aditi "Am scared of lizards" "Let me call the office boy , he will throw lizard away" said Vishal "No need" replied I "I will throw this creature
out" I folded the newspaper looking it lizard closely moved towards it. Lizard left the keyboard and came at desk it unhurled its tongue and captured an insect. Just then with full power I hit the lizard with the folded paper and SPLAT! lizard was lying there upside down and dead. "Its disgusting!!" Jahanavi and Aditi said in unison "You killed the poor creature? Shame on you , now who is going to clean this mess???" "Calm down girls" Vishal said laughing "I have already informed the office boy he will clean it up" he turned to me "and Chetan , good job bro. Manager Parakash ka gussa bechare Chhipkali pe utar diya , this is not fair" I replied "Arey kahan yaar , ek to in
ladkiyon ki madad karne jao aur upar se inki gaali suno" "Well this is the world my dear friend. Jo madad karta hai vahi gali khata hai" Vishal said smilingly "Its almost 6:15, lets go for tea , other job is scheduled to run at 8:00 am CST , I have to monitor it. Jaldi chalo warna canteen band ho jayegi" I nodded and we were about to leave when Jahnavi said "Hey Chetan wait we are coming too" she got up from chair and went to bathroom "Great" Vishal said and whispered "Ladki impress ho gayi bawa!!" I ignored his comment and asked Raghav "Hey dude wanna have tea?" Raghav replied "Ya just a minute , let me lock the system" Vishal was getting impatient now "Chalo yaar! badi zor ki bhookh lagi hai ...

Vishal was getting impatient now "Chalo yaar! badi zor ki bhookh lagi hai, Aditi aren't you coming?" Aditi looked at him and said "No, am on the conference call , You guys go and please get me a sandwich" "Fine" Vishal said and handed her support cell phones "Please take care of these phones , please take the call if it rings". Aditi placed the conf call on mute and said firm tone "No way! am already on an important call , OSC is asking me for inputs , you take care of these cellphones" Vishal made face and took the cellphone , just then Jahanavi arrived and we came down. Vishal looked at Jahnavi "So , this is your first day in the shift , isn't it?" "Ya" replied she Vishal holding my neck tightly said "Our Chetan bhai doesn't shares knowledge and
expertise with anyone , make sure you extract knowledge from him , he is so cunning" "Abey kya kar raha hai? Marega kya?" I said and tried to release myself from him She laughed and said "Yes I will see to it". We reached canteen Vishal took a burger and started eating it. I buyed tea for all and asked Raghav and Aditi. "What will you like to have?" "Nothing" both said atonce " I am fasting today". "Both of you have fast today?" Vishal said "Anything Special? Kis khushi mein bhai Karwachauth hai kya aaj?" "No its Pitru Amavasyaa" said Raghav "Right" Jahnavi said " and people observe fast on this day" Vishal folded his hands and came infront of Raghav "Dhanya hai prabhu sal mein 365 din mein se 300 din aapka fast hi rahta hai" he said jokingly "Comeon Vishal." said Jahnavi "Don't make fun of him" Vishal said "Oh I was just joking , I see both of you are quite religious , tum dono ki khoob jamegi" Raghav didn't said anything and Jahnavi's expressions changed , I just arrived on the scene "Chalo yar Chai aa gayi chal kar kahin baithte hain" We sat around a table , after taking a sip I realized Raghav and Jahanavi had not taken anything "Yar aap logon ne kuch nahi
liya" "Inka fast hai aaj" Vishal said taking a sip "

Vishal said taking a sip "What amavasya was it?" "Pitru Amavasya" said Jahanavi. "Yar tum fir shuru ho gayi?" I said "Kyu kya hua?" asked Vishal , I narrated the whole
incident to him how people were offerring obulations for their dead relatives and caused traffic jam. "Ridiculuous. I don't know why in 21st century people believe in such superstitious ceremonnies" Vishal said , just then Raghav said "Hey , may be you don't believe it but such incidents happen. The spirits get satisfied when their living relatives offer food in their name" "You mean Ghosts?" said Vishal jokingly "Not really , but if the living relatives don't offer the food in the name of dead forefathers , then spirit may turn the life in to hell" replied Raghav."Tell me Raghav , do you think if a dead man will haunt his children and grand children just because they don't offer obulations or food in his name?" Jahnavi said "Its not like that Chetan , you see
when a person dies all the relations get snapped too , after death the last rites and shraddha karma are supposed to be carried out by the elder son and on each pitru amavasya food and obulations must be offerred in his name else these spirit gets disturbed and trouble their own family , you know these spirits only want to get out of their sorry state , this food serves as refreshment to them in journey towards abode of Yamraaj" "Exactly" said Raghav appreciating her explanation. "OK guys , I must go now , the scheduled job is about to start, I must monitor it else Prakash will kill me and no body from our company will attend my last rites" said Vishal "Shutup!" said Jahnavi "and take care , bye" Vishal left the scene. "I don't believe this" I said just then Jahnavi remembered something "Hey Raghav" "Yes Jahnavi" "Your are from Pune right?" "Yes am a localite" Jahnavi turned towards me and asked "You remember Chetan, that cab driver was saying that Shaniwar Wada is haunted?" then she turned towards Raghav and asked him"Is it really haunted?