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Rano a very cheerfull girl who has a posh family...with god grace they were having everything ...completly cool family including her 1 brother mom n dad..

Rano's bro rehman got settlement in canada for his higher studies..while rano was much involved in fashion..desingning..she's gal with much modern thoughts...

Rano's parents..were loving they never imposed their own ideas over their chidren for their likes n dislikes...Rano was like born with silver spoon in her mouth ..she was having whatever she want...loving family.. .she was a portrait of beautifull imagination...

After she completed her fashion desingning...her parns..gave her a surprise shock of her marriage which she replied negativly..but somehow she agreed for that...
After 3 months she married with amir ...Amir was a decent man with god fearing..n loyal nature...he use to work in a multinational company..with a good financial background..
his parn's got shifted to singapore...after their marriage..

In the staring as it was a arrange marriage they cudn't get dissolved with each amir was kindaa reserved person..he was really bad in experessing his love for his wife...
For rano it was lil bit difficult coz she never thought of sitting at home all the time..she began to spare her time in shopping with hr frns...

After some ..time they rano and amir came much close to each other...but then also for rano it was something missing in her realtionship...she cudnt understnd his hubby completly..although she was performing good to be his wife..

A happy news made them like they got the world..rano was expecting...after 3 months rano told amir that she wud like to go home to her she is alone all the, no one to look after..the things which are needed in this time.most... .to this amir agreed happly n arranged her tickets to leave her at that she may get proper care at her gestation period..

It was her 9th month but amir was so busy in his schedule that he cudnt visit her they use to talk on phone whenevr he was having time...
Atlast that day came rano gave birth to a boy ..but due to some adviced her to take bed rest till 2 she has no choice to stay at her muma's home..

After somedays when she was at her home...she was feeling..suffocated coz of lying down all d time at she thought of roaming in balcony ..there was nobdy at home that time except..her maid..she stands in her balcony that suddenly something gatherd her was a old house ..which can be clearly seen from her balcony ..there was dead silence all over the house,...walls were luking black with white patches..wooden doors were broken..from the the veranda..all the place was shrubbery..something striked her mind that although she lived her 23 years in this same room she never noticed so much silent a diiffrnt dead ever that house

Her eyes were stuck on that house...suddenly she felt like blank..totally blank she walks n sits on the down stairs..n gone totally blank .that suddenly her maid shake her " bibi ji kaam ho gaya mein jau kya??"( my work is over ,if u permitt can i go now)...she didnt replied to her that her maid felt something wrong..she again ..shake her hand "bibi ji bibi ji"

she gave a shocked expression and says '" kya hua..yaha kya kar rahi ho kaam kar liya??( what u r doing have u completed all ur work)

maid get confused" ji bibi ji abhi to app se theek ho na"(ya bibi ji just now i told u..r u alrit"

Rano gets up n says"theek hai jao "( okay go now)

her maid with some confusing thought moves away from there..rano comes n sits near by her child ..he was sleeping ..she felt some drowsiness ..n gone for a deep sleep .

she wake up in the evening saw that her mom dad was home ..her mother was making her child to sleep she asked her mom" mummy what happen to me ..why i was sleeping so long.,,"

mom with calm expression" nothing beta may be coz of medicine you took"
she nodded in yes ..then said after a minute" mummy i m not feeling well i think i should sleep some more ..if amir calls me jus tell him okay mumma"
mummy:"okay beta u take rest"...


rano sleeping deeply on her bed ,with her child aside suddenly she felt something wrong by the side of her bed..,,there was dark in the room..only lil light was lighted up..she felt like sombdy liked aged man of 60's is sitting near by her bed n smoking...her heart beat was running fast lik she gonna die now....even her throat was also seems like locked..she cudnt scream out...for that time she felt lik she is in hell ...that suddenly she felt someone blocked her mouth ..she fainted...

next day ..she opened her eyes ..but cudnt gather her memory whatever happened with her last nit..she was feeling week inside...
but she was shocked what she saw ...there were all green and blue patches on her some one has beaten her..she screamed out for her mom ..she came running she showed her all her marks ..." mummy what happend with me..what is this"

Her mother was like cat caught her tongue she cudnt ...recognize what the hell happend...her mom look those scratches it was like internally bleeding but they were...only scratches clawed on her body..arams n leg..

Although it was a spine chilling.omen her mother thought not to reveal this thing infront of her daughter..she calm down her putting some antiseptic over those scratches...n made her sleep....

Day was fine till it got truned in to .....THAT SCARY NIGHT!!!!...

Rano was sleeping with her child suddenly some screechy noise broke her nap...she get up n sits on her bed looking around..she moves to the balcony to see what is happening out...that is also so late in night....

she stand over there for some minutes then she gave a look to that dark house that suddendly ...she saw something glowing at the veranda of that house...
that was looking like shroud...that was bright white in colour.. covering any body ...n lots of screeming ..crying..voices coming from if someone is dead.those voices were so scary ,enough to gave..a heat attack!!..she freaked out when she saw she turned back ...suddenly someone pushed her hardly that she sprawls....down on the floor...

she scream our but ..what weird she saw was unpredictble...over human imagination...

A transparent object was sitting on her bed near her child..and started changing its shape...and the most horrible....thing made her like paralyzed that..she cudn't scream. out....that object...started entering in to the body of that child...tears were rolling down her cheeks but she was helpless....then dont knw what power she got..she gave a hard squawk..and fainted...

listening this her mom dad came running to her voice .They found..rano lying down on the floor....and child was crying badly....


Her mom and dad were sitting near by her...her child was with her mom...Rano wake in a strange she was sleeping she sits up with a jerk..with wide opened eyes...she started smiling...with poker face..

All were stunned..with her unusual...behaviour...Her mother asked.."rano what happend why you were lying down on the floor last nit..what has happend.."

She looked her mom and keep smiling... stares her like she is not able to understand...what she is saying...she replied.."mom where is amir...i have to go my home..he must be waiting for me..."

this made her parents like their daughter gone mad or what...why shez is speaking so strange...

her mom pardon again : "Rano beta tell me what i asked..what happend last night.."

But she was like busy in some other world...
Rano stared her child...

rano: " mumma who is this child"
mother: "Rano its not the time to joke over here...its your child dont u knw"

rano with her innocent look.." when i got my nad amir got just married mom..amir loves me mom ...(bcm frightned) i want my amir mom...where is amir call him( started crying a small kid).."

Now this actually shaked the souls of her parns..they cudnt understnd ..why n what..wrong??

Her parens decided to took her to the gynaecologist..for the check..may the heavy medicen are giving there.....reaction..

Her mom took her to the hospital..

Doc: "when she started doing this."
mom: "Since, from the morning doctor..she is doing very strange things as i told u now.."
doc: "hmm actually after pregenancy also ...a proper care should be taken of the patient..if she take stress..over her brain..after delivery period...she can lead to the alter effects...ya there are rare cases like this..but if its not can be really bad...with no chances of getting cure"

mom:(worried).." yes doctor i will take care of her.."
doc:"where is her husband.."
mom:" actually hez busy with some of his professional work.."

doc" see i told if she is goin to take such..stress..nothing can help ..her .."
mom: " i understood doc thanks"
doc:" i m changing her tablets...including some new .. plz takecare of her"

Rano with her mother came back to home..

rano was sitting on her bed..near her mom n her child..on her lap..with that same poker face...she was ..lost some where in her thoughts..

suddenly her mom forget to bring feeder from the kitchen..she walks to the kitchen to took the feeder..

as she came back to the room....she got frozen ...with that blood curdling scene..infront of her eyes...

Rano was going to throw the child out of the balcony...her mom run like anything n grabs the child in her arm.."Rano HAVE YOU GONE MAD.. you know what you were goin to do.."

Rano b'cms frightened at this " mumma this is not my child MUMMA ITS A GHOULISH child...i hhhave to throw this boy otherwise...he will kill us mom.."(she was crying like hell)

In the meanwhile her father came running he takes the child in other room ...her mother was so shocked and sad on this situation..she made rano to calm down...They( parn's)understood that she is not really okay!...she can be..cryptic regarding this moment...

the day was this but cause of the unusual happening..and miasma..all over the house...her mother sleep in the same room with rano and her child...

The child was sleeping..between rano n her mom..on the same bed...all of a sudden rano wake up she looks at her mom...and child..she took the blanket..put that baby in that blanket...and rolled up it... and slowly began to move outta room..
when she was opening the door..her mom gets wake up..but she didnt moved..coz she wann to see why rano is going at this time of night..her mom follows her quickly........

what she saw was petrifying...rano holding the blanket like a bag...carrying her child so carelessly...

Her mom moves hurriedly... near her and hold rano 's arm tightly....turns her back.."rano ..what u doin here.."

rano:" mumma ..(with her red eyes)...i told u na ..this is an evil its not my child...(tears were running down her cheeks)..i wannt to cut him in to peices with .this .scythe"

seeing that scythe..her mom got frozen..she must have got heart attack ...

she quickly took that scythe from her hand n throw it away . took her child from her..arms, rano was getting...furious..she just want to kill her child anyhow...but condition was unexplicable...for rano

Somehow her parns took rano to her room n made her sleep..

her Dad:" its really weird condition..."

Mom:(sobing) " i cant see my daughter dying like this...she dont even recognize her own child"

dad: "dont worry GOD will help us ..i m going to call amir...jus now.."

Rano's father told the whole thing to amir..
when amir came to knw about all this,..he felt guilty for not taking care of his child n wife..whome he loves more thn his life...

In the morning amir was with rano...

Rano opened her eyes she saw amir sitting near by her...she hugged amir..

Rano :" i missed u amir where were you...plz take me away from here.."

amir :" rano ..i love u i n i m sorry i cudnt takecare of you n our child...."

rano:" child whoze child r u talking about.."

amir: " what happend to u dont u knw we had a child"

rano:" plz amir dont u act like mumma..we dnt have any child..u knw amir we had a evil in our house...."( started feeling fear of that)

amir:" rano what happen tell me everything....."

Before she could tell something..she got fainted...

amir was so confused at this state ...he was deprssed too, he was in fear of lossing rano if she go like this...

Rano's mother came to room

mom:" beta can u come out side we need to talk something"

amir:" ok mumma"

amir came to living room ...there he saw some neighbour lady was sitting there with all house member.."

rano mom:" amir beta shez our neighbour banno..she is telling something regarding rano plz come here.."

amir:" aslawalequm..."

bano:" walequmasalam...beta...actually i heard about rano..sad to knw about her...but i think her mother doesnt knw about that house located some distance from here..."

amir: "house?? which house r u talking about"

Rano's mom n dad...with all ears

bano:" actually nearly..40 years ago...that house was owned by a lady..who got married to a man who was much older then her..nealry he was in 60's n that lady was. in 30...after so much time of marriage..they cudnt have a single child...that lady use to work as a maid...n get some of the money like this for her food..she was upset with her she has got nothing to satisfy in her life...her husband use to smoke n drink all the time over that he was filthy with his character..he use to sit outside his house to gaze other womens around.....but one day she(his wife) lost all her hope..of her life when she came to knw that she is having cancer in her stomach..

she cudnt tolerate all this pain in her life she quit her life ..........

she bought the poison...mixed it with in the food...n gave to her husband...n took herself too..neighbour didnt knw about it ..after some 3 dayz when her neighbours started.. smelling the smell of decomposing bodies ..they searched for that in her house ...they found their bodies ..lying.over there...the people who used to live near by her house...burried their bodies as they (lady n her hubby)were not having..any of ...their own relatives to look after them..

since from that day...when any women gets pregnant n delivers child ..her family has to give some stuff to that house.. to make her spirit in peace otherwise it may disastrous...."

rano's mother..:" oh my god we didnt knw about it...this is ...rano once told me that she felt some old man sitting near by night..but i thought it as her i ignored it..oh my daughter..(sobs) shez in trouble now..."

amir..:" dont worry mumma we will do all arrangements..our rano will be perfectly fine after that.."

bano :" dont worry your daughter will be fine..just you have to make that spirit in peace..."

amir stand up
amir:' bano ji will u plz tell me what else we have to arrange for that..."

bano told them to bought some milk..sindoor ..n food stuff......they arranged all that ...was needed..with some others help they have put those all things in that house..

all thanked god..


THAT SCARY NIGHT which was coming after this day was bringing something else for them...


**althought they made that spirit in peace..but they forgot about that old man...who was thinking to go so easily...

coz as we all knw ..some male spirits are vicious..they cudnt get off so easliy**


rano was lil bit fine with her condition after some dayz...she was also taking care off her child too all were happy for that..
amir and rano in her room near that balcony..

amir: "rano dont u think we should go home.."

rano: " ya ..i was thinking that too but...its mom dad aniversery in this week..we should stay here till that time..they will be very happy...with us.."

amir:" hmm you r rit..and beside that i will get the time to spend more with you n our baby.."

rano:" hmm..amir i m feelin sorry ..i feel guilt( tears in her eyes)..i tried to kill my own child...what kind of mother i m ..."

amir:" its not your fault rano...(hugs)..i knw we both love our child then was the situation which wasn't created by you..."

rano:" hmm"

amir.: " and with this only i understood how wrong i was..i never gave u that time..that care which u needed from me...i m really sorry for that"

rano..."now stop this sorry sorry ...its time for lunch n mumma calling us..comm'n now"


rano was sleeping deeply suddenly she felt as someone is smoking again...she freak out suddenly ... she asked amir to wake up

rano:" amir ..aa..mir plz getup amir ..something worng over here..."

amir wakeup

amir:" what happen rano"

rano:" (crying in fear) ..amir hez here again. that old man is here ...plz amir do something he will kill me..."

amir: '' rano dont worry i m here .."
**as amir was very religious..he knwz how to keep the evil things away...he started chanting some prayers**

suddenly a lamp get broken by itself...they understood that its dangerous to stay at this room ...amir asked rano to move away from here with her child she did the same..n amir gets away too locking up that room

NObdy could sleep that night. rano was ..feeling very scared off it..

next morning

amir to her dad" dad i think..we should call some priest"

dad:" ya we can n i think we should consult him about all this"

a muslim priest came to .he felt something uneasy when he enters rano's room

Priest comes out of the room

priest:" hmm the information you have given about that old man...was correct...i think..that old man spirit cudnt leave coz of rano...we have to do some religious ceremony in that room..rano clothes are needed which she was wearing when she had expereinced that old man for the first time.."

amir:" ya i will get all anything serious??"

priest" still not that much ...but it can be... nothing can be said..."

everything was arranged in that room...priest n his members started doing that prayer..then priest took rano's clothes. that scray house ..of that old man...

he started burning..those that place..and .he came back evrything was looking normal n healthy...

priest to family members:" everything is done which i can do ...but amir..(pointing to him)..u have to take care of her..i will give you a prayer it consist of one line only..but its words are really powerfull indeed!..if rano ever felt that old man's read that will all ur trust on god..evrything will fine"

amir took a deep breath...

amir:" offcourse i will do all that is needed..."

priest:" and plz have a reminder on your mind asked rano to be punctual in her prayers...that will help her to stay away from all evil effects..."

amir:" yes for sure""

priest gave them blessing n took leave from there

amir rano's parns were really happy that their house n daughter both are free from that devil ...

amir was very happy to have his wife n child ....along with him safe n secure...after a week everything was good...parns were happy to see their daughter healthy n fine...

Now..amir n rano going back to their.. home sweet home...leaving all those sadness ,pain ..behind...with their new life ..rano understood that fact that their is something much more she expected from her realtionship ...rano and amir had a great bond after that...for him now his wife n child came first at place thn his work ...and rano again became ..a women with silver spoon...she got everything she wann now...but ya today also when she remembers all that happend with ..her child..she feels spin chilling fear...but shez happy that her amir is with her in every situation...n she thanked god ..for saving her life from ............................[[[[[[[ THAT SCARY NIGHT]]]]]