Saturday, August 22, 2009

A Real Incident- my Vacation- Prattoy Chatterjee

This happend a few years back,At the time when i visited my native place Kolkata during my vacation.It was the best period of my lifewhen i get to meet with all my cousins and relatives and makes all the experiments and inhouse adventures possible. As it is the opportunityi get get after year so every day and every moment i celebrate.On a Saturday evening my cousins asked me to treat them all in a very famous Cake shop located in one of the busiest street in Kolkata.And the plan got fixed immediately to visit the Cake shop followed by some other acitivity. We all dressed up ourselves and hired a cab to reach the place. Every one rushed inside the shop. The Cake shop had a renowned appearence and is famous for its delicacies from past decades.Hence, it was overcrowded with with people all around chit chatting. I personally feel that the paush location is the major attraction for the people. The shope stands right at the place where the Street's crossing comes to an end. I regret to come on a Saturday evening because of it took almost half an hour to reach up to the Sales and display counter.When all my cousinswere seleting there choice suddenly with a blow the glass door of the cake shop opened and a Lady draped in a very mannerful dress and ornaments which shows her attitude entered the shop shouting in full volume.
"Is there any one to give attention..!!""This is ridiculous, i have been waiting for more than an hour and there is no one to receive me.""I will never come back to this shop, again..!!"Saying this she bolted the door and rushed outside.I got bewildered with amazement because excluding me nobody noticed the entire happeing.Every one was busy with there chit chat and work.I was ensured that her shout would have mummed every one,but i was wrong, Then i noticed the old manager was staring with his bulged eyes. He was stand still for the moment and then returned to his work.
The incident made me feel very curios because i was very much sure about the entire proceedings.Later i asked my cousins and they said they have noticedno one as my instruction.Weekends passed by but my level of curiosity didnt die. I firmly took a decision to visit the Cake shop again. I reached the shop approximately at the same time i visited before and found it very less crowded. With nervous tone i approched the old manager. He stood up after he heard the entire narration. His forehead was having tinsel sweat in that cold airconditioned atmosphere. But he was calm and composed.He asked me to wait for some time.Accoriding to his instruction i waited and waited till it was the time i saw the same lady draped and ornamented in the same manner as she was seen before.Irrespective of the less crowd she came inside with a jerk to the glass door and shouted in full voulme :"Is there any one to give attention..!!""This is ridiculous, i have been waiting for more than an hour and there is no one to receive me.""I will never come back to this shop, again..!!"Uttering the same lines she bolted the door and rushed out.With the manager i witnessed the entire proceedings again.
The old manager asked me to sit with him. With his aged voice he said that never before any of his customer sensed about this lady and you arethe first person.Even none of my staff witness it excluding me.It was the time way back to five years.This lady was a regular visitor to our shop. On a busy saturday morning she came and found herself not gettingthe usual attention. Her short tempered overcame her and she started shouting at me. I tried to console her but all went to vein. Her shout jeered every onein the shop. But nothing could stop her from her shout, which was overgrowing gradually.She has become so angry that she bolted the door at my faceand left out.She was gorging with temper and went straight. Unfortunately, it was a signal was on and and with her first step on the road she was rammed by a goods truck.Her spot death pronunced every one to give her the wanted attention.I also came to her and found her blood crepted body with arms swaing away.I couldnt tolerate the sight and turned my face away when i noticed the same lady standing infront of my "CAKE SHOP"
Her laugh was consisting of the threat she gave to me when she left the shop.Till date she comes to me for the same complain at the same time.It has become a curse for my shop.All the past staff who has witnessed that incident have died with familiar or unfamiliar causes.This incident will come to an end with my death..saying this he started crying.That night i couldnt sleep. That lady was coming to my sight.
Weeks passed by,but i never imagined what this vacation has kept for me in store.I had an uncle in our relatives whom i call uncle Jojo.He was a very jolly,friendly,enthusiatic person who actively takes part in every thingwe cousins do. His cheerful and childish manner made him very close to me.I even used to reject my meal in his absense.Professionally he anestablished businessman and had to travel a lot.At that time he had a White Abassador car which was my favourite play area. I loved his car and used to climb up on the driving seat.He has given me the company and support every time.
But this vacation had kept the worst in store for me. I was waiting to meet my uncle Jojo who was on a business trip and was supposed to returd by weekend.We had telephonic conversation where he promised to come back as early as possible.On Saturday morning when every one was anticipating his arrival, the telephone rang from an unfamiliar voice on the other side.Tears came to my eyes to hear the dreadful news of my uncle's Jojo's death. Cursing my vacational period, every turned upside down for me.My uncle was a chain smoker and that caused a cardiac arrest in him.
The death funeral passed by with great grief which i have never underwent before.It was just after the day of my funeral when i was sleepingin my uncles room with my other cousin, i woke up early morning to attend my nature call and went upto the adjoining toilet.The moment i enteredi found some uncanny feelings and shivers came to me.I found smoke,smell of burnt tobacco.The cloud of smoke has reached to the roof.The same feeling which we used to have when my uncle was among us and his habbit of smoking rigorously.I got the fear of this ongoing paranormal affair.I left the toilet immediately and went up to call other relatives.Soon a number of peoplecame to my call and found the same smoke. The toilet was now full of smoke and the suffocating odour of burnt tobacco...That was the first to my remembrace when the paranormal had overtaken the normal.
Days passed by.Every senior people had went to other relative's place for inviting them to the holy ceremnony.Myself with my othercousins were chatting at the groung floor when suddent i heard long hard foot steps coming from the staircase.It was a clear sound of a person coming downstairs. The sound of steps was so clear that everyone among us became mum. No one had the courage to move and became standstill.The sound was apearing closer and closer and reached to its threshold level.When it stopped.Hairs got stranded on my body.We all kept in that position for more than 15mins. The winter chill was enough to cancel all other sound. It was complete silence, When suddenlythe current went off. It was a load shedding.Fear added to the circmstances. The level of fright has exceeded every thing among us.Sweat sparkeled on my forehead, the youngest among us started crying and as i was oldest i took the responsibility to eradicate the fear.When i tried to console them saying "there is no sound". They asked me to go up the staircase and proove myself.Now that was something i never anticipated.With the remaining courage i took the bold decision to go upstairs.Because the situationwas getting worst among the youngest cousins.Hence accumulating the remaining i went near the doorway which lead to the staircase, It was complete dark due to the loadshedding.So i lit a candle and started to climb the staircase.
With my each step the darkness was cutting the candle light.Slowly i reached to the first turn .I shouted to my cousins "No one is Here..!!"Inturn i got a faint reply "Are you sure".Replying "Yes..!!" i turned back with my candle in that darkness and found Uncle Jojo stading.My eyes remained opened for sometime and i was standstill.He told me " Why are you afraid ?"I was not in a state to give any reply. Then he raised his shaky hands and came closer to touch me,,,,and then.....light came.!!The current has come.There was no evidence of uncle Jojo anymore. And i got no explanation about this encounter.
Days passed by and i came back to my place,leaving kolkata and the entire incidence.Weeks passed and i called my aunt about his wellbeing.Fromher i got to know that our driver Bhaktaar has left his job all of a sudden and has caused huge trouble for the daily transport.She said that temporarily she has hired a driver but he also left the job, without any prior information.She was sad and these troubles were addingto it.Years passed by and by the source of job i got relocated to Kolkata again.I visited my uncles place after many years.My aunt told me that she iswilling to sell her White ambassador.And i instantly agreed to the deal as to get my old gold beloved car and a piece of memoir of my Uncle Jojo.Things were now smoothly passing by when suddenly i was late to return from my office.The roads were all deseted, all in a need i stared at therear view mirror and found my uncle Jojo sitting at the back.Brakes were pressed hard and my car stopped instantly with a gorging sound.I looked at backbut found no one.Sudden fright came to me and came outside of the car.Desserted road,time of midninght and the howling stray dogs were adding tothe fear i was undergoing.Some how i took the bottle of water from inside and rinsed my face. Then a thought came to me that "why am i afraid ?" frommy own beloved uncle Jojo.And things went well.I got up in the car saw the and stared at the rear view mirror and got the glimpse of mu uncle jojoagain.But istead of fright tears came down my eyes.
Now i got the reason behing the drivers of this car quitting there job.I ride to every where in this car and even have got his glimpse many a time.But each it remained as my memoirs.

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