Monday, August 24, 2009

Girls Haunted? A true story- Priya

This incident happened 5 years back………One day my friend met her boyfriend in Bangalore who came from another city. They booked a hotel in Shivaji Nagar and she use to accompany him and then return back to my place at night. Once he had finished spending two days with her he returned back to his own city. Now I forgot to mention that my friend and I worked together. After a day or two she started acting weird, she used to sweat a lot at night and started becoming restless, like a couple of times she used to get up and sit at night. This one particular night was hell she started sweating and puking the whole night. She said she was fine but dint seem like. The night past and many more nights came which made her miserable, some nights she even screamed like a mad lady. One day she puked and it was purple and sticky, looking at this I was in a bad state. Believe me that was disgusting, but you know she was my friend I cleaned the place for her. One day later I was not well and took an off from work but my friend went to work. I was sleeping in the afternoon and suddenly heard the door open which was closed I dint bother as I was sleepy and suddenly I felt like something creep inside my blanket. I felt uncomfortable for a minute and suddenly realized that someone was touching my feet like a real person. BELIEVE ME this was freaky and I was numb but dint scream and something just pushed me hard onto the bed and I lied their for a minute almost pale and dint know what to do. Then I made up my mind and pushed myself and ran down stairs sitting close to my mom. I said the whole thing to my mom and she said I must have been dreaming.
Now that I was scared I waited for my friend and when I said this to her she started crying and to our surprise she said “I AM TORTURED EVERY NIGHT” help me please. Me and mom had no words but were shocked and she continued saying that she could feel this huge man and sometimes she saw his dark shadow. She said there was this one time when she was having bath and she saw the dark shadow sitting in the corner and watching her however what she did was pour water and hurry out of the bathroom with fear. I had just sympathy for her for what she had gone though. She also said there were incidents where she was pushed against the wall and forced like that by someone for almost an hour and she couldn’t do anything. Listening to this I screamed at her saying that what was wrong with her that she did not let us know of this. She said that she thought that we would make fun of her. Now that we knew of this she even showed us the scratches and bruises on her body all over and she was miserable I felt nothing but sad for her. What we did was put holy water all over the place and shifted down stairs and did not go up for any reason…………..
After a week we were sitting and talking and suddenly I felt an image move and saw this man standing behind her staring at me and you won’t believe it felt like real but i moved away from her and still noticed him behind her. When I turned and screamed to mom “MOM COME AND SEE THIS PLEASE……………..” and turned back at my friend he was gone by that time. I said what I saw to mom and my friend now we knew that there was something haunting. This particular evening where we were all sitting in the garden of our house I remember she suddenly became quite and turned pale when we asked her what was wrong she suddenly spoke in a male voice saying something in Arabic which non of us could understand. This scared us like mad and ran upstairs to my mom and asked what to do.
My friend sat there in the garden for sometime meanwhile my mom brought a holy priest who said that this is a ghost of a man who followed you from some place and thinks you’re his girl friend. When I said this to my brother he said that the hotel she stayed had a history of a suicide of an Arabic boy because of love failure. Now we knew who it was but dint know what to do. The holy man did some ceremonies and asked her to leave Bangalore and start reading the Bible more often and visit Church every day as she was a Christian. Now she is no longer in Bangalore and she is not disturbed any longer. But what happened will always remain in our minds and let us to believe that ghosts are there as long as there are looking for something after death. Hope no one Is haunted by them……………….

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