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ghostly castle in Scotland

Scotland is a beautiful place but it is notorious for its ghostly castles & villas....many people have experienced ghosts there...this story is about SUSAN, her husband TOM & their 3 beautiful children..KIM,HARRY& LOU...

Susan was a middle aged woman abt 38 yr old..her husband was Tom who was 40..they had 3 children..harry was 12, kim & lou were 9 & 6 respectively....the family was living in England earlier...but when they were offered a castle built in 1897, spanning in over 15 acres & that also at a paltry sum of 30 thousand pounds( by no means it was a paltry sum for the family though)they decided to shift to Scotland...taking a loan to buy that castle

the castle was in Dundee, far from the hustle & bustle of newcastle where they lived earlier..Tom was an expert fisher...he had quite an experience of working in fisheries in newcastle..while susan was a nurse in Tyne hospital in newcastle....but now their life was going to change...they wld have to go to a sleepy town Dundee which is about a 100kms from Edinburgh ( the capital of scotland)...crofting was main occupation & few people live at this place..but once she saw the castle every thing went out of her mind & all she thought about was owning this castle...after all why we work so hard?..just to live happy & comfortable life.isn't she gathered all her savings & a little bit of loan to acquire this place...

Dundee is a beautiful city located in midst of exotic hils. Large track of land is covered by forest. The castle is at the countryside, surrounded by woods all around..The backside of the castle is a bit damaged…but nevertheless , its beautiful & huge with wooden flooring & a basement to store logs of wood..Susan & tom had to leave their respective jobs at Newcastle..tom would used to cut logs & sell it in the city market…their 15 acre plot had woods abundantly & a pond too in which they started solmon(fish) harvesting….susan would used to teach the kids at home itself. In the first one month everything was fine as they were trying to adjust to the new place..the next home in vicinity was about a km away..the place was extremely silent & extremely laidback…

The first signs of ghost or spirit was first experienced after 2 months ,when the family had settled completely..One day susan was cleaning the room at second floor..she was trying to clean an abandoned room which was shut for a long time..when she entered the room she felt some uneasiness which turned into suffocation later on…she tried to leave the room but couldn’t. her feet was not able to moov.she fell on the floor unconsciously..At the ground kids were playing..after they saw that, for a considerable amount of time their mom didn’t come…they started searching her…finally they reached the room where susan had fell…they were shocked to see their mom was lying on the floor..harry tried to wake her up…so was kim..but little lou started crying….after a considerable effort she came back to consciousness…

Susan came back to consciousness & saw all her 3 children besides her…kim asked “what happened to u mom?”…..I dn’t know honey..she replied….Later in the evening she took all her children to the pond…they saw something strange.. they saw a black rock in middle of the didn’t existed earlier, even till yesterday….What was more strange ?… a lady like structure was sitting on the rock…susan was intrigued at that sight…slowly the lady started to sing..she couldn’t believe her ears..she asked harry…have you heard the voice harry?...the lady is singing…”yes mom…I’ve too” harry replied…kim & lou nodded too…The lady was in form of mist…slowly she disappeared as sun started to set..

Nxt day on 30 may…Tom was going to woods to cut he went downstairs he lost his balance & fell..his ankle got twisted..he observed that a knell had come out of the wooden stairs …he tried to take that knell out of the wooden piece..he applied some force & suddenly….the whole wooden piece came in his hand..there was a stone base beneath the wooden stair..he saw stains of blood on the stone …he called susan & showed her those blood stains..they were awestruck when susan tried to clean those stains with detergent, it didn’t…susan explained the whole story of what happened to her earlier yesterday..she said” tom, I’m telling you this castle is haunted”….”the Hamiltons have sold us this castle at such dirt cheap price only coz of this.”

Next day on 31st.. all three children were playing hide & seek..lou decided to hide in basement..harry was seeking ..he found kim but couldn’t find lou…finaly he gave up…lou, I give up..said he…still lou wasn’t coming out….kim heard his voice..she called harry “ harry lou is here…he is crying.”…they were in basement room….harry tried to open the door but he couldn’t…lou was crying loudly by now…suddenly blood started coming out of the door….It was really scary for them…kim got really scared…she started crying & went to call susan…meanwhile harry was trying to open the door…lou’s cry wouldn’t cease to stop..

As soon as susan heard kim crying..she ran towards with teary eyes said” lou is trapped in basement.. blood is coming out of the room”…susan ran towards basement with kim in her arms…she gave a full blow to the door… the door got opened ..lou was crying inside ..he was fine..susan got relived..she held lou in her arms..all three children & susan hugged each other tightly..children were crying ..but susan had only one thought in her mind …” this castle is haunted… I have got to do something.”The whole family was really scarred…tom came back in the evening.. susan told him what happened earlier in the day…they were worried..what to do? Tom decided to go to Edinburgh to meet the Hamiltons…& ask them about the castle…

The nxt day..on 1st june Tom went to Edinburg to meet Mr. Preston Hamilton..he went to Mr. Hamilton’s office & asked for his appointment …he was given appointment of 2pm.But right now it was just 12…so, he still had about 2 hours to spend at the office…he thought of talking wid the receptionist…tom asked her about the business of Hamiltons..she told him that,The hamiltons have lot of businesses all over Scotland, particularly in Glasgow..He asked her about how many castles Hamiltons own. She informed him that the family once owned as many as 5 castles allover Scotland..paticularly on the bank of river Clyde. But most of the castles have been either converted into hotels or sold..Tom informed her that he has recently purchased CASTLE FRASER from Mr. Preston Hamilton…the lady’s expression suddenly changed..

Tom further tried to inquire about the Hamiltons, but the lady refused to share any information there seemed as if the nature of lady suddenly changed…still Tom tried to futher probe her..the lady saw a driver coming out of Mr. Hamilton’s cabin…she told Tom to ask the remaining questions to the driver…she called the driver & introduced him to Tom…driver’s name was Victor…Tom inquired about castle fraser …Victor was reluctant to reveal any information…Tom explained him what his family is facing since last 3 days..he told victor “ my family is really scared & my only hope is Mr Hamilton…plz tell me whatever u know abt the castle.”

Finally victor succumbed to Tom’s insistence….he revealed…” Castle Fraser was originally built by the Stewarts and was captured by the English during the second world war .the English sailed river Clyde & destroyed the back portion of the castle…this castle was gifted by Queen Mary to the Hamiltons…Sir Alexander Hamilton, locked his wife Lilly at the basement..she was starved to death coz she had plague…sir Alexander remarried soon…the ghost of Lilly haunts this castle…every year her presence becomes strong from 29th may(the day she was locked to the basement) .. she is reputed to roam the castle dressed in white, blood-spattered clothes but is most often seen on the anniversary of her death.”

Victor continued..” a White Deer is reputedly seen in the grounds of the castle whenever a chief of the Hamiltons is close to death. This has happened when Sir Alexander died 16 yrs ago & also when his wife Glamis died 10 yrs ago…Preston is their son…Preston left the castle after his mother’s death & since then has settled in Edinburgh.” Tom received a call from susan…he picked the cell…susan on the other side was really frightened….she was crying “Tom plz come back…its really getting scary here…”

Susan described…..” Tom! Suddenly a storm has come… it seems…as if some crying voice is coming mixed wid the sound of howling wind & crashing waves…” “tom..plz come back as soon as possible”..It was 1:55 in the clock…still 5 min away from meeting…suddenly, the environment of the building turned in chaos… everybody was running here & there..Tom asked the receptionist abt what has happened?...’’ preston had a heart attack” she replied..

Tom was baffled…his plan of meeting Mr preston Hamilton had come to an end..all he could do right now go back to Dundee..he simply returned..when he was coming back ,he was getting from bad to worse…it was raining heavily..and it felt as if a piper was playing flute in the back ground…Suddenly came a wave,,a breeze…there was mist all around…tom could clearly see a lady in the mist..she was playing flute…what was really uncommon was that, whenever she was playing on high note , a cloud wld burst….and now something happened that simply took his breath away…he saw a herd of white deers..running after his car…he was awestruck by that sight…never seen before in his life…for a moment he had lost his breath…..

He gathered his breath again…put his foot on the accelerator…& without looking back…he drove towards the castle….his mind was occupied with the thought of susan & kids…he was worried for them, but constantly the white mist lady followed him & so did the deers…he reached the gate of the castle…stopped his car…the sound of the brakes could be heard far away….Tom went inside the castle….what he saw then was a horrifying scene which can chill anybody’s spine…As soon as he entered the castle, the deers stopped following him, they stood near his car & started grazing in his lawn..he enterd the hall…shouted “ susan, where r u?”…no reply came…he saw a woman in a blood spattered gown going towards the basement…Tom followed her..blood was spreading all over the floor as she went towards the basement…suddenly she disappeared…blood was rinsing from the door…spreading all over the basement floor….Tom gathered some strength..& with all the power in his body, he hit the door….the door got opened….suasn & children were inside the room…children were scarred & they had held their mother’s body tightly….susan was shivering with fear..

No sooner they saw Tom, a burst of happiness came to their eyes. Children ran towards their dad…Tom held them in his arms…susan hugged him tightly & started crying on his shoulders…she said “ Tom , did u saw that woman? She has been troubling us whole day..we were worried for u…”....suddenly the door got closed again…& the lady with blood spattered gown appeared, with a flute in her hand..blood was coming from her eyes…she was if starved for days…She was staring at them,,Tom broke the silence..” who are u?”…she replied “ I ‘m lily”…”why are u troubling us?..can’t u see that there are kids around? “ asked susan..Lilly replied “ this is my castle & no body can live here ..”..” but today I’m going back..the whole Hamilton family is destroyed..exactly after 40 yrs of my body is buried inside the floor of this room. They murdered me..they starved me to death...I live here..alexander died & so did his wife & son…now I’m free..” she disappeared..the door got opened..the weather changed dramatically…the rains disappeared..& so did the sound of flute..

Next day Tom dug the floor of basement…they found some bones there….Tom took those bones out of the castle & buried them in the woods..performed some catholic rituals…now Castle Frazer is free of spirits…no white deer is seen…Tom & his family is living happily there..


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