Sunday, June 27, 2010

Lady ghost in lonavla

Ma uncle used to work earlier for Indian Navy.....n he used to be on ship most of the time......when ever the ship used to dock at some place ma uncle n other sailors used to stay in tht city till departing

one day the ship in which uncle was sailing had dock somewhr near lonavla....n all the ppl on the ship went to some cottage for stay.....wenever a ship used to dock there used to be party thrown by the senior officers....n in the same way some officers threw a party in lonavla.....everyone went for tht was away from whr ma uncle was staying....the party started exploding.......everyone was tight....n ma uncle was completely talli.....n it was 1 am so ma uncle thought its better if he leaves.....coz he din wanted to pass out der havin more drinks
ma uncle told his colleagues tht he wants to leave n asked some1 to accompany him but no one agreed....all wanted to be der n of ma uncle's friend told him tht its not safe to go back at this time....but ma uncle was very stubborn he din listen to anyone n was ready to leave....then one of his fren said tht its better he goes by mountain side then he will reach early...if he goes by road it will take more ma uncle agreed....he left from der n reached the mountain which was jus behind the cottage....

he started walking but was not able to walk fast as he was drunk......slowly slowly he reached a distance frm whr he was not able to see the officers cottage...he saw in the front his cottage was still far enough....he again started walking....then suddenly wen he was walking some1 told him to was a voice of a lady.
ma uncle looked behind but din found anyone......then he turned n one lady in a saree was standing in front of him.....she was wearing a black uncle got very stunned looking at her.....she was normal lookin lady wid her hairs opened.....uncle was very surprised to see her there at this time.....he was goin to ask her who she is but before tht she told him tht she was passing by n was all alone n was getting bit scared wen she saw ma uncle.....she told him tht its too dark n she wud be grateful if he accompanies her

she told ma uncle tht she lives near the mountain only n wanted to get back uncle thought how will she go alone so its better to take her wid him....n she was a local n even knew the directions so he thought it would be good for him tooo....or else he might also get lost in this pitch black they started walking together....the lady was very frank n was talking endlessly....she was telling ma uncle bout the village n people there.....n wat all happens....but uncle was interested in nothin...he was damn tired n wanted to goto cottage n snooze out.
While they both were walking the lady was continuously speaking.....n ma uncle was bored....but after sometime she stopped uncle wondered y isnt she she sayin anythin uncle took a look at her.....she was silently walking.....frigid as ice....uncle din say her anythin as he wanted her to be in silent mode.....they were jus walking calmly.....the climate was getting more colder n uncle started shivering he looked at the lady she was still expression on her face....

When these two were walking suddenly the lady uncle turned back n called her.....she acted as if she din heard uncle went back to her n asked her y she stopped....she din say uncle noticed tht she was staring at one of edge of mountain.....he asked y ru staring there....she looked at him strangely n then said casually tht some days ago a local lady of their village jumped from tht edge n uncle was stunned....he looked at tht edge n thought no one will survive frm this height....he asked tht lady wat happened to her....she said wat else will happen she uncle once again saw tht edge n pointed out his finger n said from tht edge n y she jumped.....the lady din reply to his uncle uncle turned to see her....she was staring at him weirdly....

she was staring at ma uncle for sometime n ma uncle was scared by her expression.....he din dared to ask her anythin more.....suddenly she started moving closer to ma uncle....she came very near uncle moved back coz he got scared by her behavior....but she kept on comin closer.....then she stopped n said u wanted to know how she jumped?? ma uncle din reply anythin....she looked at him n smiled wickedly n sarted running towards the edge of the cliff n jumped frm uncle got very scared seeing this view.....he got very scared but din understand anythin y d lady jumped....he din wait at tht place a moment n ran from der......but he was so terrified tht while running he fainted on the mountain itself.....

Wen ma uncle opened his eyes he found himself in his cottage......n his frens around him n a maid....his frens asked him is he ok now??? he said yes....uncle asked how he came here....he had fainted on of his fren said they were returning to cottage from the mountain only n on the way they saw him fallen there.....they brought him back to cottage....everyone in tht room started teasing ma uncle sayin tht cant even even be in control after drinkin some u fainted so uncle got very angry n told them tht he din faint coz of drinks....he fainted coz he got sacred of dying......he told them bout the lady on mountain top....non of his fren believe him.....but the maid there started askin for the description of tht lady....n asked if she was wearin black uncle said yes.....the maid then said tht one woman in their village commited suicide there somedays ago....n many people hav encountered her one yet knows y she died....n many say thts the reason y she haunts people to tell them y she committed suicide....but no one yet knows....she asked ma uncle did she tell anythin to uncle said no....but till date ma uncle is wondering y she died n y she came to him.....



  1. False story..... as there is no dock in lonavala & no ships can be anchored in lonavala. Navy only has a base called ins shivaji in lonavala. all bundleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  2. lonavla is landlocked

  3. Lonavala has no dock ... Lol...Fake story...

  4. lol nice try next time do some hw n create these stories

  5. Nice story yet very common... nd ders no dock in lonavala. ..well you should work on your grammatical errors. ..nd yes kindly lemme know whr exactly the dock is aftr asking your uncle...lolzzz

  6. See

  7. Lonavla Is Haunted Yes Some Places Like JJ HOMES Near My Sinhagad College Where I had Studied, The khandala ghat Road And Old Khopoli Road
    But Mate There's No Dock In lonavala 😀