Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Mr. Bendre Ghost Exp

it happened nearly 3 decades ago..I heard dis story from my friend.. It happened with his uncle...His Uncle Mr. Bendre* was 12yr old at that time..He was living in Aurangabad city. He loved to go to village, visit the farm, watch the scenery in it..Once he went to a villege... He had 3 cousins and a grandpa to greet..

Grandpa used to wake up with the voice of AZAN in near masjid (at 5 am)..Use of Clock was not familiar that time..Mr. Bendre was so being so impatient to go to the farm..He had designed all the plan 4 the things to b done in the farm..Grandpa told him that, at 5 am they wil go to farm, n cant go out even a minute b4 that..

All the people slept that night.. But Mr. Bendre was still awake..he could not sleep with the idea of the enjoyment in the farm..All the plans were being real in his mind..He cud now feel the sun rising and the eternal light touching his body...Huge trees waving as the soothing wind brushes the leaves..Many birds singing in the different noises.. hallucinating music ..U can refer it as "a fine day" in simple terms..

All the mess of thoughts was not allowing him to sleep...

He was being uneasy now..He started to think, about what to do.Its midnight now,few more hours to the dawnAn idea flashed through his mind...He went to grandpa.. He was sleeping tightly..Mr. Bendre started shaking him to the shoulder in the act of waking him up...Grandpa woke up, rubbing his eyes..Mr. Bendre told him its dawn, n need to move to the farm..Grandpa got confused abt not hearing the AZAN, n enquired abt it..He lied saying, it happened 5 minutes b4..Grandpa got up in confusion n taken his way to the farm wid Mr. Bendre, his three cousins and a bull...

It was dark, outside...Half Moon was glittering above..All of them were walking through the farms..moon was visible within the tree branches sometimes..No sign of human except them was present there..Each sign was increasing grandpa's confusion..i may b very late, so all the people might have gone b4 me.. he thought

suddenly, he has seen a long streak of white figures holding "mashal"..his face filled with the terror..

He grabbed Mr. Bendre's collar, n asked him,"Now tell me the truth, what time is it now? else, we all will die.. "Mr. Bendre, scared of his act, vomited the truth..

Grandpa, removed bell from bull and threw it away...He sent the bull in planted area of the farm..Grandpa grabbed all the people to the shoulder and asked them to lean down on earth.. And also asked to hold the breath as the figure comes closer..

Now with the noise of bell, n bull entering in planted space, those figures noticed the interference...Started moving towards them..streak was coming closer.. now it was visible in the light of "mashal"..dwarf, white hooded figures, moving in queue.. moving horizontally with consistent speed and tempo without the slightest vertical movement...Their faces were veiled beneath the white hoods..Mr. Bendre and his cousins held the breaths with the grandpa's indication..

Streak was moving close to them.. Heart was moving like a horse..each stroke of heart beat was going like someone hammering on the chest..Oxygen held in lungs was striving to come out..All could now feel burning flames on head and light on land..and a smooth stroke of cold wind..

after few seconds light vanished..grandpa indicated to start breathing..

Mr. Bendre slightly moved his head upwards to the direction of that streak..hooded figures were moving away...

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