Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Ghost Experience in Dubai

am writing abt my experience in dubai.it was thursday night (weekend in dubai) was returning from a party back to dubai, as the party was arranged at a place far from dubai. it was around 3 in the morning. i was alone, driving back home.it was a long drive, but i knew a short cut, which wud save me some time. it was a diversion from the highhway, a street rarely used by people. i took that route, it was a long strip of road, it was empty, all i had to do was, drive straight. on my right and left was only the desert. if my car broke down on that road i wud b in alot of trouble, coz it wud take alot of time for help to arrive.i was driving at 150 kms per hr, at some distance i noticed something white next to the road. i have a good eye-sight.i guessed it was a radar, so i started to reduce my speed. i then noticed it was too close to the road, it cant b a radar, now i was thinking, can it b a man needing help or is it just a camel. camels do cross roads, thats y u have to b very careful.i kept getting closer, then i noticed it was a man in a white kandura (dress worn by arab people). standing on the road, its arms in the air towards me, but i cud not see the face, it was glowing white, thats what scared the hell out of me.by this time my speed had come to 70 kms per hr, as i neared it, i slammed on the accelerator, turned my car to the extreme left of the road, the left tyres were on sand,and i passed it some how. if i was to go further on sand, my car wud b stuck there and i wud have some serious company.the moment i passed it i turned back on the road and checked the rear mirror, side mirrors, but it was gone. no where in sight. i cud not beleive wat had happened in the previous 2 mins. i was scared half to death. kept checking the mirrors. i even called up a friend and told him abt it. the 1st thing he asked me was,"ï know u dont drink, but did u try it at the partÿ? "

i assured him that i was not drunk and that i was in my complete senses.he found it hard to beleive. but i kept talking to him for the next 40 mins, till i reached home. i did not get sleep for the next few nights. i know a cop, in dubai and later i did ask him, abt that road.i told him abt wat had happened. the way he was lookin at me, i thought he did not beleive me,but then he told me a few months back there was major accident on that road, 2 cars were racing and they had an accident. there were 2 arabs in the cars and they died on the spot. i was speechless. i still get the chills thinking of that moment.

so my frd wants to know the place haan? actually i was driving down from Ras Al Khaima. and on the highway theres a diversion. very hard to notice also. there have been a few accidents on that road in the past few months. all after midnight. i wud not recommend that road to anyone.

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