Saturday, May 8, 2010

Home in Kurseong- Ghost Experience

My dad wrks in railway so we used to sty at a railway quarter...des railway quarters wer built years ago whn da british usd to rule...our home was more than 100 years ws a huge mansion...wid 13 rooms including kitchen and experiences in that house are unexplainable and unforgetable...i wud lyk to share an inncident dat happend wid ma mum....when i ws preparin fr ma 10 exam i hd gone to siliguri fr coachin...i usd to stay der in a PG...evry weekend my parents used to visit me...once they came vry late in da evening to visit me...n went back to kurseong dat same nite at abt 11pm. its a one and a half our drive to kurseong frm siliguri so dey reached at abt 12:30. as dey hd already dined so dey soon wnt to abt 1:30 am my mum suddenly woke up frm her sleep and she heard sum noise, it was a loud thumping noise near her bed... its ws as if sum1 ws walkin by my parents bed...lyk sum ws marchin across the crossed da room all da way rite up to the puja ghar n der it stopped...n its ws gone... my mum slowly lukd beside her n saw my dad deep in mum slowly clicked on da bed side lamp and got out of bed n checked all da doors and windows of the room...dey wer all tightly mum is vry brave bt dat day she ws scared to hell....she wnt back to bed n frm dat day she neva slept widout switchin on da bedside lamp...


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