Friday, May 21, 2010

Ghost Experience in Kerala

This is 1 hell of a experience vich my father had vit d unknown father is a chartered accountant... soo he usually goes 4 audits & stuffs....this happened 2 him 2 yrs bak vile he was on his way 4 auditin in guruvayoor templ(its a lord krishna temple in kerala)since his work dat day was quite hectic, he left frm home at around 630 in d evenin.. its a one and haf hr ride frm my home....he usually stays in d temple guest house bt unfortunately 4 him he couldnt gt a room since all rooms wer completely occupied...soo he went in search 4 a good lodge 2 stay in & finally found 1.... VENKATESHWARA lodge... jst 3 km frm d temple....luckily there was only 1 room vacant in dat lodge & he was lucky enuf 2 gt dat.....sooo... aftr settlin down & havin his dinner, he went 2 sleep as he was quite tired aftr his busy day....d time was around mid nite... nearly 1:30....he suddenly woke up vit a start... he could'nt breathe..... it was as if som 1 was stranglin him.... he tried 2 let go off dat sensation bt he jst could'nt gt d grip out of his neck.... he strtd rollin over & fell off from d bed.... suddenly he saw a shadow hover past him & a nasty smell(a smell of a decomposed body) spread around d room...he got up in a flash, threw d door open & ran 2 d was then dat he herd frm d receptionist dat a lady once committed suicide by hangin herself in dat room......he was in shock & in pain since he's been havin back problems 4 d past 17 yrs... actually a ruptured was wit dis back pain dat he fell frm d bed..... & vit d help of d receptionist & a worker he packed up his bag & they helped him 2 d car.....this was 1 experience vich greatly changd my views bout d unknown.....

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