Sunday, May 23, 2010

Ghost Experience in Hyderabad

I stay in hyd..more precisely in begumpet..ovr thr thrs an area called shyam lal..diamond apts.. here in ths apts 1 flat is very much diff frm th others.. n dat ws th one in whch we shifted.. it ws diff as it ws the biggest f all n made very differently... it ws the only flat whch ws havin private garden.. a big greenery buh only 4 us..n talkin abt the interior it ws mind blowin..n th house ws huge...damn huge.. evry thng ws normal n v were very v gt such a good flat fr cheap rate...aftr a month my dad, my mum, n 3 sis all bcam ill... dunno sis developed a tumour inside her stomatch a very small 1.N my sister used 2 spot a man in our private lawn.. a tall man in th nite sme whr arnd 11:00 p.m ... in white pathani suit...n well built.. accordin 2 her he usd 2 roam here n thr in th lawn n sit in the swing fr few mins... n wen my sis saw him..he strtd starin at her...n his eyes were deep red n seemd 2 b really angry.Initially my sis thought tht it ws nuttin jus a fear inside her tht came out ths way... thn wen she usd 2 see it regularly..she said ma mum n i over heard it ... frm tht day instead f sleepin in room i usd 2 sit in the hall so tht evn i can see him...Tht nite my sis gt up in the nite...n ws really scared n sid me she sw th man goin in the kitchen... i rushed 2 th kitchen...thought tht it might b a theif bt found nuttin der...i spoke 2 her few mins..cracked few joks n made her feel easy n finally she slept(she ws ma elder sis..m th youngest 1 in am family)..wen i came frm her room 2 hall i foung th fan ws muvin in anti clock wise dir. i cudnt make it out hw ... i swithd off th fan n strt it again n it ws muvin normally... i thought it might bcuz f wind tht made it muV tht way.. then the next nite again my sis gt up n she said my mum tht she saw th same man in our lawn.

I rushed 2my sis to knw wats happenin..n she said me she sw it again..i went out side 2 houz in the lawn..thinkin tht it mite b a thief... bt dint see ny felt somethng bside me....n he ws holdin me..ny how i tried 2 get f it n tuk a stick in ma hand.. thn i dunno who bt sme 1 whispered in my ears in hyderabadi hindi...2 leave th place as itz his.. n until i leave it v'll b facin prob...It left me chill... i came in n askd did ny one hear ny thn n thy said no... thy askd me y did i pik th stick i said i thought thre must b a thief so fr tht reason n my mum came out n sat in th swing fr 10 mins bt she dint feel any mum knew tht theer ws something stange n ws really daring ... bt she dint find ny thng...n wne i came 2 sleep again i saw my bed turned...n ws lk a mess... i dnt knw how did it same thng happened 2 me fr past few days...THn i dunno hw ths plan came into my mind it ws....i said my mum tht m going fr a birthday party n will b cumin at 11..n my frnd will drop me..she agreed 2 it..i ws in 10th clas...i dint go ny whr w instead hidind outside my buildin.. n sharp at 11 i came inside my lawn n ws hidin in my lawn sme whr in th corner.. evn i saw a tall man in pathani kurta..i tried 2 jump towards it bt i dunno whr th heck it go...i ws standin thr chilled..n cudnt figure out wat i saw..n th next moment i saw him in my hall near my bed... i dint have tht much guts 2 go thr...i came frm th front door.. n my mum opened she ws lik she dint see ny thng in the hall... i came n sat on bean bag.. thn went 2 "puja ghar" tuk lord shiv photo n kept it in ma pocket n slept ... th nxt day i gt up every thng ws normal... n wen r servant came 2 clean our houz...she liftd ma bed n saw black ash der...i dunno frm whr did it come... i ws really scared... tht nite i kept lord shiva photo again in my pocket n wen 2 sleepbt evn tht day ws th same nuttin new...i saw th man b4 i could go out..he disappeared.....i dunno hw...

we came 2 knw tht the house ws haunted n th ppl who were livin b4 us ws a small family lady his hubby n 1 daughter.. n they were damn rich... n their daugter usd 2 see th same thng...n 1 day suddenly she becam paralysed...(she ws a popular model f south india n also a side actress).. they lost all their money in few months n finally they left the house..n who usd 2 stay b4 thm ... evn thy saw th same thng n ... thn smething worst happened 2 them... like a mem f thir family bcam mentally challenged... he ws a scholar..n ws a scientist... ws evn honoured fr usa... dunno wat happend 2 him... ALL the mem f my house excludin me ws nt feelin welll... thy faced sme prob or the other physically n very instantly...thn 1 day we all were discussin bout it... bt dint come 2 any conclusion...nxt day i played planchit n called th man who ws hauntin us.. He ws actually the onwer f th houz.. n who gave it 2 us ws thier spouse...he wntd tht his house shudnt go in other hands n shud b usd by their family so he dint allow ny 1 to live happily...he evn said me tht who ever came 2 ths house.. includin th person who gt paralysed n who ws mentally chalanged aftr they left the house thy all bcame normall...n suggested me 2 do th same thng...I said all thz 2 my mum n she tuk quick decision n v left tht house nxt month...i knw itz nt scary wat i said bt wat i wud 2 see ws really ws really scary we used 2 see tht man daily..our cupboard usd 2 bcum mess every day...v usd 2 see chivken n egg in our bathroom whr as v were veg..dunno frm whr it came.. more ovr... our 2 tv gt bursted by it self our ac used 2 shw temp. 65 deg whr as it cant go to tht level..n many many more...

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