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Frndz the story is about one year back but it now also chill me it is yet another experience which for gods grace i hav not experienced but by my close frndz....the incident is of may 25th 2006....this day was as one of the curse day for me and for my frnds.....(divyank and pukhraj......) so as divyank got new job so he invited me and pukhraj to celebrate and the idea was to give a party in dhabba.....(hotel type outside the city.) on the following nite i and pukhraj got ready soon divyank called in my cell phone and ask to come at his was around 8 p.m wwhen i and pukhraj went to his house....on bike....(pulsar 150) divyank got ready soon and we commenced toward dhabba about 8 .30 dhabba was situated at such a place were we have to go by grand eastern road....longest road in we hav heard many stories about this road and i too faced some experiences on this road which i have posted in my previous i and pukhraj were on one bike and divyank on the other bike alone. so we reached to the dhabba i was thinking to return back soon as i was thinking tat this road is not at all safe to ride at nite tyme.....but i didnt wanted to tell all this to my frndz as it wud spoil their mood. so i didnt told them any thing....we reached thier about 10 ordered food..soo after enjoying the whole it already got 11.45 soon we picked up our bikes and started to return back.
so at the returning tyme it was already about 12 30 we have just covered a few k.m as the both pukhraj and divyank were talking and i was sitting at back seat of pukhraj.....since i have injury on leg tats y i was not riding everything was well as i was hoping so....but it didnt.....all over the road this two were laughing and talking so loudly tat even the person few mt away cud clearly understand about wat they r talking about......?i was sitting quite and listening to their talks.......andthe road was drowned in pin drop silence at tat tyme only the voice of our bikes only were coming....then after some tyme pukhraj said hey guys....see wats tat......??
i and divyank got our ears towards wat pukhraj uttered. soon pukhraj pointed his fingure towards the side of the road....i at first felt tat wat this.......actually there was a mile stone near by the road and a boy who was just about 8 yrs around was sitting on the mile stone wid yellow t shirt and red half pant and sport shoes....i cud not forget his dress divyank continued who iz this boy and wat he is doing here.....??we all were confused as at tat tyme at nite wat this little boy is doing sitting on this milestone alone and for wat reason he was..sitting here.....??
at first i told them ......tat cmon lets ignore this and lets move i got confusion tat wat the hell he doing here......but divyank told me tat he is only a child and wat he cud do to us......cmon lets go ....he shud having some trouble ok......pukhraj also got convinced at his saying and shooked his head at divyanks we got closer wid our bikes to the right side of the road as he was sitting on the right side of the road.....we approached closer to tat boy...when i looked at him...he was looking thin.seemed to be from rich or middle class family as his dress up was nice..and he was staring at us...divyank got down from his bike and stood at front of this...boy.and asked him who he is and wat he is doing here......???
the boy was staring at us as if we were people out of universe..he was not uttering any word from his mouth.divyank again asked....him the sme question......??then after some tyme the boy only said."woh woh."..means tat tat......which was not making any sense tat wat he was telling to us.wat woh ,woh........divyank then told to us .tat he might be not understanding hindi or our language....he might be lost frm his family members so.shud we take him to police station....i was also filling pity on tat boy may be ,he might be lost frm his family as he was looking frm a good family so.we decided to take him wid us and report in the divyank asked him to sit at his bike.but the boy was continously staring at if he was not understanding any thing.....i again told divyank is this boys mental condition is right or not he iz staring at us as if we hav harmed him....divyank a=nswered tat might he is fearing to go wid pukhraj again told t5at boy tat cmon....boy come wid us this road is not at all good cmon come wid us we will drop u to ur home......but this also didnt brought any change in the expression of tat boy..he continued staring at three of us.
then the boy after sometyme might understood us and he sat at back seat of divyanks bike so divyank also sat and pukhraj and i sat on our bike and again started go our as our bike were at the same speed ...almost we were driving parallel as the police station near the market side came i and pukhraj stopped our bike..we looked backward for divyank as one truck came and divyank was beside tat truck divyank reached pukhraj asked divyank where is tat boy ......we all three got shocked as the boy was not there on divyanks bike.
divyank told us tat before the truck overtaked me the boy was there on back seat of my bike .so where the hell he he got fall on the road or wat.........??we again three of us took our bike and slowly searched for him....but we were unable to find him.....he completly got vanished.....disappeared......this really was shocking three of us....pukhraj again told kahi "bhag gaya hoga..." which was partially not possible as our bikes were at good speed ifr he might hav jumped then he might hav got cud somebody run so fast......??this all imaginations were wondering as we were near to the police station so we thought c mon lets go otherwise police wud suspect us tat we r doing some illegal activities moving here and there......?near this area......
but two or three police man got suspection on our behaviour and they screamed on us to we were not having the papers of our bike so we didnt wanted to mess up wid police so soon we ran on our pukhraj was having a room at tat area....(nehru nagar)......he was having tat room in rent as he was studying there only....but his hometown was he told us to go to his room .as police were following we ride our bikes at the fullest possible speed and reached pukhrajs room as fast as possible.soon we put our bikes at the garages......and due to movement of ours the owner of the house awoke and ask pukhraj is...........he came......??due to hurry ness pukhraj told yes m here......divyank and pukhraj started climbing up staircase as his room was on the first floor.....i was also following them.....but divyank said me tat there must be no drinking water at room as we all were feeling thirsty pls go and get it .....buddy from owner at ground first i thought tat the owner must give me heavy scolding but as i was also feeling thirsty i.......came down to get water.....
mean while pukhraj and divyank were opening the door of the room .......i heard a loud scream of them ...their scream was such a loud tat it shievered me down....the bottle of water fall down from my hands and i took no tyme to rush towards the room up stairs to find out wat happened to them....
when i saw them divyank was lying near the door of the room unconcious and pukhraj was sitting as some body gave him current shock of 25oooo volts......i shooked his shoulder tat what happened.......??? meanwhile the owner of the house also came up and repeated the same question tat i hav asked......but pukhraj was staring at us and kept mum silence....soon we called help of neighbour hood and took both of them to hospital.......then next day i asked pukhraj wat happened to divyank was still in shock position......then wat pukhraj said is completly unbelievable but its true....he said as soon as divyank opened the door and switch on the lites .....we found the same boy sitting on the bed and staring at us....but i and owner of the house didnt found any boy there in the room not even in the house or compound even all the exit to the room were closed so any body cudnt enter the room widout our was it the spirit of tat boy which was panicing us or it was imagination....but for godshake it happened wid my frnds and i was lucky tat i didnt saw him........after wards they both were taken to baba of ajmer and he said they r under circumtences of devil he ....tied black thread around their arms now they r normal but now also remembering tat nite chills my body of fear.......

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