Friday, September 18, 2009


Guyz ma father had a friend named ranveer sharma...he had a true experience 10 years ago...
this experience happened on the night of diwali in 1998 abt 10 years father ahd a friend ranveer was diwali night...the clock had turned to about 1 in da night...ranveer n his friends were all partying setting off crackers having a light drink and all that....sharma had a scooter those chetak types...after the celebrations he set out on his scooter at around 1.30 in da morning n was travelling towards his house wich was in rajajinagar 5th main...he was comming from cooks town in bangalore reach his house in rajajinagar 5th main he had to cross a graveyard harishchandraghat....
soon as he was passing by the graveyard he saw two women in saris makin a sign for a drop...sumthing made him feel that he shouldnt oblige and he just drove past...they were standing near the graves gate..then he had crossed 50 mts he looked at his rear mirror...there was no one...he just turned back and saw that one of the lady was sittin back of him and smiling at him...there was no chance she could have just jumped into the scooter...then the lady took out a packet of pan masala and started chewing...guyz he could actually see the juicy paan goin through her throat and intu the body...petrified he left the scooter and ran towards his 4 dayz he had fever..and one more thing..the scooter could never be found...he died on the 4th day of his fever
very tragic end to him....


  1. jyoti uganda kilimanjaroMarch 14, 2012 at 3:21 AM

    i was the women .

  2. saalee scooter chor..