Sunday, February 1, 2015

New home.. Home?? or Hell??

Amar was a bright boy.. He cleared every entrance exam which was hurdle in his admission in a good engineering college.. N he did it very well.. N his hardwork gave results.. he got admission in one of the finest engineering college.. it was his dream to go there.. but there was a problem.. the college was kinda 4-5 hrs far from his home.. that means he had to do 10-11 hrs journey from home to college.. he gave it a thought n decided to stay in hostel.. his parents also agreed wid him since they wanted their son to brighten up his future.. everything went well.. he got a good room in hostel too.. his parents came over n arranged all the things for him.. his mom was sobbing.. Amar was her only son.. she somehow couldn't bear the distance.. for 18 years her home used to be filled wid voices of Amar.. but now it wud as good as desert.. Amar consoled his mom saying that he would come home every weekend.. its just 5hrs journey afterall.. his parents left.. he was feeling uncomfortable.. after all it takes time to settle down at a new place..
he settled down.. next day was his first day of college.. Amar was tensed.. first day of college, how its gonna be, will he be able to make good friends, how r the studies going to be n other sort of questions.. the other day came.. till break his day went good.. he also made a friend who came from other city n was seeking a place to live.. his name was Suraj n he wasn't ready to stay at hostel.. on Amar's asking he replied that, this college's hostel is named for its ragging though the students r very studious.. still seniors rag their juniors as that was only way to fresh up their mind according to them.. Amar wondered that nothing happened later night.. maybe wat Suraj heard is just a rumor..

he n Suraj were having their lunch in canteen.. on the table behind them a group of students were sitting who looked elder to them.. they murmured that maybe they r seniors.. Amar recognized one of them as senior he seen at hostel.. they were laughing loudly n saying that they r gonna rag first year students later that night.. their talks made Amar literally shiver.. he was really afraid of ragging.. he pleaded Suraj to bunk the rest lectures as he needed his help to find some other place to stay..

Amar called up at his place.. his dad said that he is right away coming to help him.. But Amar knew well how weak his dad's business was.. n he dint want to give him any sort of tension.. so he consoled him saying that he has got a friend here named Suraj n he is also looking for a place.. so he will search wid him n inform him.. his dad sighed n agreed.. Amar went to hostel n packed up his belongings wid full pace n ran from there.. Suraj was currently staying at dharamshala.. Amar also went wid him saying that he will pay half of the room rent.. soon they will search a flat for rent n go there..

(for those who dont know wat a dharamshala is-- its a hotel only.. but u just get one bed to sleep on n nothing else.. for toilet n bath u have to use public source.. the rent is very cheap like say 30-40 bucks per day..)

they both began searching for the flat.. their budget was low n deposit as demanded by landlord.. after searching alot they finally got a flat.. it was about 15 mins far from their college by walk.. n rent was way less than their budget.. they were plainly shocked to hear the rent.. the landlord was a old man who dint even demand any deposit.. on asking he just said that he wanted to help the poor fellows.. it was 3 BHK flat.. previously furnished.. happily Amar n Suraj moved in the flat.. Amar informed his parents n they were happy too listening this..

Suraj was a good cook.. so the cooking department was handed to him.. Amar said he will wash the clothes.. out of 3 rooms, both took individual bedrooms n the spare room was left as study room.. their whole day went in arranging things.. it was 2 am in the night n they just finished wid the arrangements.. all the things were set.. they were hungry.. but wat wud be done at 2 am in the night.. eatables were also not there at home..

Suraj--buddy i think i saw a chai wala near our college at 10.30 pm once when i came to see the college before the day it started.. maybe it shud be open.. warna aaj bhooke peth hi sona padega..

Amar--lets check it out then.. hey bhagwan.. khane ka ek dana bhi mil jaye toh i will think lucky of myself..

they locked the home n headed towards the chai wala.. they were walking down the path talking to each other about the next day.. it was holiday n they had to set up the kitchen.. they reached at the place.. luckily chail wala used to come at night times.. Suraj being a occasional smoker bought a cig n started to smoke..

Amar(coughing)--gosh! i dint know u smoke man..

Suraj--sorry.. sorry.. my mistake.. im just a occasional smoker yaar.. not regular.. n dont worry.. i smoke only at exam times..

Amar gave a weird look n concentrated on his tea n biscuits..

it was 3.30 am.. they headed back towards their flat.. on the way back both of them were discussing their personal lifes.. Suraj was only son of his parents just like Amar.. his dad was a hard working man.. when they reached near to their building...

Amar--Dude, i told u to switch off the mains.. did u do it??

Suraj--yes buddy.. i did it..

Amar--look there.. its our flat na..
he was pointing his finger towards 3rd floor.. the flat had its light on..

Suraj--yes.. it our flat.. but i swear dude i switched off the mains.. lets go n check..

they both climbed stairs hurriedly to check.. the mains were on.. Suraj was blank.. he clearly remembered the he switched off the mains.. Amar consoled him saying that maybe he forgot.. but Suraj wasn't ready to accept..

Amar--chor na yaar.. maybe some child switched on it.. just masti k liye..

Suraj--yeah maybe!!

they both arranged their bed, wished each other good night n fell on bed.. Amar was a late sleeper.. he thot of listening some songs.. gana sunte sunte neeind aa jayegi.. so he closed his eyes n was listening to peaceful songs of kishor da.. suddenly after sometime he heard some hard sounds.. he was shocked for a minute.. he stood up n saw the windows of his rooms making the sound bcoz of wind.. he silently laughed on himself n closed to windows.. suddenly he felt as if someone walked behind him.. he turned back wid a shock.. there was no one.. just to check, he went in Suraj's room.. he was in deep sleep.. he thought maybe its his mind is tired n need some sleep.. so he went n slept..

next day they both went in market n collected all the eatables along wid a gas cylinder.. while returning they saw a watchman on the building's gate.. he looked in his 60's.. Amar went towards him..

Amar--arre uncle, kal aap sara din kaha they?

Watchman--aap wohi ho na jo Sharma ji ke naye kirayedaar ho..?? main kal bimaar tha.. isiliye nahi aaya tha..

Amar--achcha uncle.. yaha ke bachche bohot shararti hai kya?? kal hamari ghar ki mains humne bandh ki thi.. par pata nahi kisine chalu kar di wapas..

Watchman--Beta lekin yaha toh koi bachcha hai hi nahi.. 1st floor par ek couple reheta hai bas.. wo bhi ab shift hone wala hai..

Amar wondered.. then who must have done it.. inside, he believed that maybe Suraj didn't switched off the mains.. he went upstairs.. Suraj arranged the whole kitchen n installed the cylinder along wid gas stove.. he wanted to drink tea.. so he started to make.. but there was no sugar..

Suraj--Shit yaar.. we forgot to bring sugar..

Amar--if we go now then it wud be too late.. will bring tomorrow while returning from college..

Suraj--but wat now?? we wud need it for dinner na..

Amar-yeah.. wat to do?

he thot for a while n remembered of the couple that was staying on 1st floor according to the watchman.. he told Suraj to have patience.. he will go n borrow some sugar from their neighbours..

knock knock!

the door opened.. it was sweet lady wid question her eyes..


Amar--aa mam actually we r ur new neighbors.. main sharmaji ka naya kirayedaar hu.. actually we just moved here yesterday n today while bringing eatables from market we forgot sugar.. if u dont mind, cn u borrow me some sugar?

Lady--oh yes yes sure.. plz come in.. my husband wud be pleased to meet u..
Amar handed over the bowl to lady.. he went inside n introduced himself to her husband.. he dint give much attention n continued watching his tv.. out of curiosity, Amar asked him, Sir if u dont mind, y r u shifting?

Lady's husband gave him a tough look n said that he got a new job.. n turned his direction again towards his tv.. the lady came wid sugar.. he thanked her n left.. he reached in his flat.. he couldn't spot Suraj.. he called his name.. but no reply.. his room's door was open.. he walked in.. it was pitch dark.. but he could see Suraj standing near window wid his back towards him.. he called his name but he dint give any reply.. he was getting nervous.. wtf is going on? he just met that guy 2 days ago.. wat is he planning to do?? he went near him n shook his shoulders.. Suraj gave a sudden look to him which made Amar really shocked n he fell on ground.. Suraj had headphones in his ears.. he was listening songs wid full volume..

Suraj--Man r u ok?? shit u scared the hell out of me.. y dint u call me before shaking me yaar!!

Amar--sorry.. next time i will carry a loudspeaker wid mike to call u, u idiot!!

both of them laughed on that.. they prepared dinner, ate n slept.. at about 3 am in the dark night...........

it was about 3 am in the night.. Suraj woke up.. he smelled something burning.. he stepped out of his room.. Amar's room was closed n the smell wasn't coming from there.. he checked the kitchen.. smell wasn't coming from there even.. he stepped towards the main door wid slow pace.. she could see something orange colored from the base of door.. he went near the door n seen thru key hole.. there was nothing he could see.. just blackout.. he wondered n opened the door.. he was shocked.. there was nothing.. nothing there.. just pitch silence.. he stepped outside to check but he dint know wat to check actually..

A thudd!!

his room's door closed wid a huge force.. he got very shocked.. his legs started to shake.. his heartbeat was at its highest level.. he just dint know wat to do.. he tried calling Amar but he was feeling like he lost his voice.. He stepped towards his room closing the main door.. strange thoughts began to come in his mind.. he reached near his door.. he could some sounds.. he touched his ear to the door to listen it properly.. it was like some lady crying.. he took God's name n opened the door.. there was nothing in there.. complete silence.. he closed the door n sat on his bed..

Amar got up in morning.. looked his watch.. it was 7am.. he decided to sleep more since it was sunday.. but something bothered him.. Suraj used to get up at 6.30 morning sharp n wake him for the bed tea.. but that day he dint.. just to check, Amar went towards Suraj's room.. he knocked the door to seek for permission.. but no reply came from other side.. he just opened the door n went inside.. Suraj was sitting on his bed wid his head ducked in his knees.. (i hope u can imagine his sitting position wid folded legs)......