Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Ghost Experiance in Indore (Rajendranagar)

I passed my 12th from Raipur in the year 2000. That time Chhattisgarh was not formed so Raipur was in Madhya Pradesh. indore was the Commercial Capital of MP (it still probably is)..... and Raipur was just a District headquarter of MP (npw its a Capital City and one of the Fastest developng cities in central india competing wid Indire and Nagpur)............

So after passing the 12th Class in 2000 , I also got a good Rank in MP PET (Pre Engg Test) i was all set 2 join any Engg College in the whole state. i was rady 2 move 2 Indore/Bhopal or ant RECs across the nations. We had only 2 good colleges in Raipur/Bhilai then so was not sure whether I wld get in2 them or not.............
So the bottomline was . I had 2 be prepared 2 live in a Hostel.............

So the Counselling and Seat Allotment was done in Bhopal and I got (opted) for Computer Sciene Engg in a relatively new pvt college in Indore. I wont name the college here. It was a New Engg college but was a part of a Very Prestigious group of colleges located in the RajendraNagar area of Indore (near Village Rau)......................

College hostel accommodation was very costly (donno why) we decided 2 have some private hostel near the college. Luckily for me , 2 of my schoolfriends also got the same college and branch. I will call them Chiku and Hitler here.
So me , Chiku and Hitler along with our dads wen2 the college and completed the joining formalities.........
We also found a good guest house/hostel accodation near the college with reasonable rent.............. So it was me , chiku and hitler sharing 1 room with 3 Beds.........
Our dads left indore and our college also started......................... So now begins my story

as the time progressed and more and more students came there , the hostel owner started exploiting the situation..... He admitted a lot of students without caring 4 the space......... our room which was supposed 2 be occupied by 3 , now had 5 ppl... Also they increased the rent.............
meanwhile the other 2 ppl in our room were also good guys
1 was named Crorepati (i will refer 2 him like this here ) from Bilaspur (then in MP now 2nd largest city in CG)
and the 5th guy was from Bokaro (town in Bihar . now in Jharkhand )
So we 5 were having a lot of difficulties due 2 only 1 toilet and also lack of space
same was the case with other inmates of the Hostel................... So gradually students started leaving the hostel and had own accomodation. We 5 found out that having an independant house will be cheaper and also convenient . So we started searching. That part of indore was not well developed then. there were certain new housing colonies coming up but they were sparcely populated.............
So we started searching...........and we got a good house just adjacent 2 the Rajendranagar railway station. It was a 2 storied house with 1 hall and 1 Bedorrm in the groundfloor and 2 Rooms on the 1st floor apart from a kitchen . we also had a nice balcony.................It was a row house among abt 100 such houses but hardly 20-25 had inmates.ours was the rowhouse at the extreme it was isolated..we also had the Community water tank just in front of our house............

So we all 5 shifted there and started living......... We also had some other friends and some seniors also living in the same society ... so we started visiting each others places.. and as the Winter was begining......we felt at ease with the situation and started concentrating on our studies

everything was fine unless 1 day a strange thing happened.........
It was a colllege holiday
We all , except Hitler woke up in the morning...... Chiku and Crorepati wen2 the college liabrary . Me and the Bokaro Guy (lets call him Cool Dude) wen2 inearby market 2 buy some stuff. Hitler was sleeping alone in the ground floor hall. When we came after abt 40 mins and opened the door...... we saw hitler sitting on his bed (matress on the ground) and staring at us . . I asked "wat happned ? " . He just asked me "where are u all"
i told him abt the same but then he asked "If U all 4 are out then who was in the 1st Floor who disturbed my sleep ................who was jumping there ?"
meanwhile chiku n crorepati also came in and we all laughed at Hitler taunting him 4 his sleepy habits and wild imaginations

next incident occured the same day in the eveing........
We all were starting dinner inside the bedroom and suddenly Cool Dude went out ...
we heard the sound of water rushing out of Tap from the 1st floor bathroom.
We thought that he was washing his hands ...... but then suddenly it struck in our minds 'Why will he go2 the 1st floor 2 wash his hands. ?'
Me and hitel wen2 the 1st floor and saw that there was no one and the tap was opened. even the lights inside the bathroom was off......
We got surprised and closed the tap. We saw cool dude back...... he just went outside the house 2 get some pickle from a shop abt 100 mtrs away.......
we had our dinner and wen2 the 1st floor balcony..we were all chit chattingit was abt 12 midnite
Suddenly someone banged something in the groundfloor
maybe the bathroom door or the door of the bedroom down there.......... we all were stunned and ran down but we again found nothing
we thought it was due 2 wind

a few days passed just like this wid such sporadic events which surprised us but never made us fear till now..........

now came a SHOCKER.............

one day there was power cut in the evening and it was not restored till 10 PM (those days MP cities had major power cuts daily .........thanx to Digvijay Singh govt)...

So we all 5 climbed 2 the roof of the house . Although there was no staircase .but we managed 2 climg it easily from our balcony. Once we are on the roof , we can easily cross over to the roofs of the adjoining houses as all the houses were joined........
We all 5 were discussing on some supernatural things like Bermuda triange and all and suddenly Chiku craked a joke and we all started laughing ........ as all the adjoining houses were empty and there were no ppl around the house , so our laughter must hav been audible around.............
BUT the strange thing is when we were bursting wid laughter we felt that some more ppl were laughing wid us........
When we stopped laughing , we realisd this that someone was inside our house and was laughing with us. We were stunned But our Cool Dude said 'saala kaun hai aaj dekhte hain' and he jumped from the roof on2 the balcony . I followed him and both of us got inside the house with a small torch................ we looked on both the floors wid courage but found no one........ the other 3 also came down by that time.......
4 the 1st time we realised that we were not alone in that house

for the 1st time we feared of something unnatural.............
suddenly i rememberd that my Watch was left on the roof........
So I requested hitler 2 come along wid me...........
He stood in the balcony and I climeb on2 the roof.
I picked up my watch and started 2 come down using the wall , pipe and window pane
while I was in an awkward position.just hanging on 1 foot and 1 hand i felt that some force just made my hand away from the pipe I was holding. I lost the grip and felt down on the balcony. I was not hurt as it was hardly 7-8 feet height and i was a 17 years old atheiletic guy at that time........... But my heart started beating like anything
Me and Hitler just stared at each other for a while.................
we 5 couldnt sleep till late that nght.
power was restored at abt 3 AM and we managed 2 sleep with Lights On

next moning I woke up at around 9......was already late 4 college.
as we all slept in one of the rooms on the 1st floor and it was the starting of Winter.....
we all had some thin blankets (or thick chaadars) to cover ourselves......
I saw that no one was there except me and someone besides me . As he was under veil , I thought it was Hitler............Hitler had (and still has ) the habit of marathon sleeps......
i didnt disturb him and brushed my teeth n took my bath quickly and started for college just saying 'Hitler Mian jaa raha hoon......Chabi samhal ke rakhna (I m going be careful abt th ekeys)'......I jknew I wld be missing 2 periods but atleast I could attend the rest......
when I reached the college I had 2 wait for 5 minutes for the 2nd period 2 get over.
after that I went inside the class
and at this time ......... wat I saw was reely unbelivable.......All my 4 roommates were in the class..................... I somehow controlled my heartbeats and didnt tell anyone.. I asked Hitler whether he came by bus/auto/taking lift...... He said he came walking along wid all 4 in the morning......... They even tried 2 wake me up in the morning but I was deep asleep........
luckily that day our college had half day that day........
when we all started for home after the 4th period. I told my frnds that someone was sleeping besides me ..................1st they thought i was joking and and trying 2 afraid them..........but later they realised that I was not joking
we all came 2 the house ...BUT even after unlocking the keys we were not able 2 open the door.

We tried a lot but all in vain
We contacted the society construction office nearby.
They opened the house next to that of ours(empty). Me and Cool Dude climbed its roof and got in2 our roof and then came down 2 the ground floor .........once we reached at the main door , we found that its door-latch was put on from inside......
We opened the latch and everyone was speechless.
The society office guys told us that it maybe a theft attempt and advised us 2 check for all our belongings and report 2 police if something is gone.......we thanked them 4 their advise and went in. We all knew that no one will find anything 2 steal from our house .... But the Question remains 'who latched the door from inside ?' and 'who was sleeping besides me in the morning ? '

now during all these days we were also enjoying our initial college days.
Our seniors didnt Rag us much as we had only 1 senior batch and the college was new and strict also. We had friendly relations with many of our seniors who were mostly from different parts of MP (including Chhattisgarh that time).........
But the weired incidents hapeening in our house was confined 2 only 5 of us till now. One evening 2 of our Seniors (NK from Bhilai and SD from Delhi )came 2 us....they both stayed in the same colony but their room was abt 40 houses apart from that of us in a different row
we were having some jokes in the ground floor hall............and we all started laughing............ahgain when we stopped laughing , we felt that some ppl were laughing in the 1st floor along wid us................ We all just stared at each other............. and I realised a strange fear in the eyes of my senior NK..............
He asked us.............'Did U all also heard it'.we said YES
then he asked whether this happened 4 the 1st time..... We told him everything that had happened in last few days..........
He got worried and scholded us for not telling them abt this..........
he then told us bluntly that THIS COLONY IS BELEIVED TO BE HAUNTED........
many ppl in many houses hav had paranormal experiences like this since the colony bcame habitable.................although No loss of life was reported till that day but many ppl hav suffered a lot and ppl are not wiling 2 stay there.
then we realised why most of the houses were empty
The owners didnt wan2 stay and they hardly got tennaants too

NK also told that he even had some experisnces in his room and later his landlord did some 'Pooja Paath' and now his room is OK.
He asked us 2 either inform our Landlord or 2 arrange for some pooja from ourselves.
Frankly speaking , I didnt beleive in all those things and just took his advise lightly
I was sure that there is some problem BUT was not sure whether any ''Pooja Paath" is going 2 help us or not.
from that day none of us ever remained alone in the house , especially at night..
We knew that ignoring the things is the best way 2 live there.
But thinking something and Doing it are 2 different things.........We couldnt resist the Door Bangs , the water splashes and occasional laughing and at the end decided to seek help from our seniors and friends.
Meanwhile we also met another senior named VIR
Vir had the worst experience a year before when he used 2 stay alone in one of the 2nd floor rooms......... He even saw shadows roaming from the window in his backyard......

So we all decided to have some "Pooja Path" on a particular day......
But that morning while going 2 college . Cheeku met wit an Road accident
He was walking down the road while a Biker hit him
Cheeku got bad injuries in his leg and we all got bzy in getting him 2 the Doctor and getting him proper dressing..........
He was in terrible pain for abt 2-3 days and so the ppoja Paath was postponed...
He somehow managed 2 stay alone in the ground floor while we wen2 college for next 2-3 days........

Our college classmates also got the news of Cheekus accident and they started visiting him.............. One of the guys from Bihar (Mungeri) was a good friend of us. He stayed in the same hostel where we used 2 stay b4 shifting to this house.......
He was a Typical Panditji kind of guy who knew a lot of Tantra Mantra from his childhood due to his family tradition......
when he came 2 meet Cheeku ..... he was not looking comfortable...........later he told us that 'Tum log akele nahi ho yahaan (U ppl are not alone here)'
He offered 2 help us and next day He did some Pooja Paath 4 us......
Although we were not sure of the result but surprisingly things got gradually normal after that.
Meanwhile one day we found that Light was glowing in a house abt 3-4 houses away from that of us
We went there and found a middle aged man........ We introduced ourselved 2 him and started calling him uncle. He told us that he owns that house . He and family live somewhere else in the city and He visists this house 2-3 times a month . He had some minimal furniture and a bed for him in the ground floor. We asked him abt the colony being Haunted. He told that He never experienced anything there But he cant rule out either. He informed us that the whoile area was a SamshanGhat (Cremation Ground) b4 it was sold by the governement to the housing colonies.........
He advised us not 2 be alone and Not 2 be too afraid either.
He also knew our landlored and informed him on phone (which we never did).........

next sunday we had our landlord and his wife visiting us. We told them abt the happenings. They were also surprised to hear all these. But assured him that We eill take care of ourselves and his house as well.
It was the time between Diwali and Dussera......... One day suddenly we read a News on Dainik Bhaskar that the All India Counil of Technical Education (AICTE) has decided to increase the seats in all the Engg Colleges in MP from the same session and has instructed the State Govt to Cancel all the Admissions and do a re-councelling. It was done on the initiative of our the IT Minister Late Sri Pramod Mahajan......
Next day the Education Min of MP Mr Ghanshyam Patidar also confirmed that all the admissions are 2 be cancelled and fee returned so that all the students got the opportunity of getting in2 the college/branch of their choice after the seats increased.
Our college also declared the same within a week after it got the written confirmation form the govt.......
So our College session came 2 an end and everyone was waiting 4 the new dates of councelling in Bhopal......
Meanwhile during these days the central Govt Passed the chhattisgarh creation bill and it was 2 be created form 1st of Nov 2000 (which it actualkly did)

So Me , Chiku and Hitler decided that we will get in2 some good college in Raipur/Bhilai if we get the chance as the seats are inccreased. If not then we were certain of getting some better college in Indore/Bhopal compared 2 our present college.......
Cool Dude and Crorepati decided that they will stay in indore itself but ob viously get 4 a better college........
So we all informed our landlord that we were vacating the house.......... We got our concelling dates also from Bhopal..So it was just a matter of 3-4 days b4 we were 2 travel 2 Bhopal and ultimately 2 our new college/city

These 3-4 days we talked a lot with the local ppl around and everyone had some or the other weird experisnce...
We knew that its just a matter of 2-3 days so we were very casual........ We roamed around the colony even after midnite.... We climbed our roof and wen2 other house roofs at night...............
But Our Last Night in Indore again gave us a Lesson......
While we were in some other house roof , we suddenly heard someone laughing downstairs. As the house was empty and completely dark , we didnt dare 2 remain there , We immediately started moving towards our own roof...... But the strange thing was that while we were crossing 1 roof after the other (5-6 houses) , we heard noises from every house . They all were of different nature but were enough 2 make us feel that we are were in trouble. Chiku was there in our balcony itself and he watched us coming hurrily and in doing so he suddenly fell down on the floor . We somehow reached our rooftop and then 2 balcony. Cheeku was Ok but was a bit feared. He told us that while he was watching us , someone hit him from back. As his leg wound was not totally healed so he fell down . We all 5 just rushed 2 the ground floor. We all had our luggage already packed up so we just laid down and waited 4 the morning. That night 4 the whole time b4 the sunrise we felt someone was on the 1st floor or on the balcony or on the roof and walking or running...... We didnt dare (nor needed ) to go and check up...
After sunrise we all got ready 2 leave...... Our house owner came and we handed over the Keys to him without telling him the incidents of last night.
Me Chiku and Hitler started 4 Bhopal in a Sumo and Crorepati and Cool Dude shifted to some other frnds room temporarily as their councelling date was after 4-5 days....
We hugged eache other and got emotional as we didnt knwo whether we wld meet again or not


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