Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Another story of uncles friend

There is another story of uncles friend who was an army person and was lodged in kodagu estates...this was about 20 years ago...in the forest...its very complicated but very good a story
ok my father had a friend named sourabh chaterjee...this happened 20 years ago...its not only the case of sourabh chaterjee but also connected to two other people john and rishi malhotra..y you see sourabh was not actualy an army officer at that time...he was malhotras best friend and not any ordinary best friend they were much more than brothers...malhotra and John both worked as assistants to an estate owner...i cant recollect his name but this was in kodagu in karnataka..kodagu has large large estates and people can get lost also...John n malhotra were also good friends at the same time rivals of the biggest order...they would try their level best to please the owner and sometimes even would go to the extent of telling the owner bad things about each other...in this John was especialy very jealous as malhotra would always enjoy the support of the ownerfor the reason that he was a hindu...this made John angry and furious...he decided to exterminate malhotra.......................
so one day John made up his mind and took malhotra deep into the estate...obviously malhotra did not suspect his friend and follwed...but John was equipped with a dagger and after he found it was deep enough under a huge bannyon tree he stabbed malhotra atleast six to seven times and caused instant death...he dug a huge pit just next to the tree and threw the body into the pit..closed it well and went...on the owner asking his whereabouts he said that malhotra didnt want to work anymore and had gone back to uttar pradesh,his native place..he even showed a letter which he had written and said that it was written by malhotra...so that chapter ended...no one came to know anything except for SOURABH CHATERJEE....after days of pain and agony and a lot of investigation he finally zeroed in on John...without being able to control his emotions he left to the estate to finish John............
he knew well about John and everyday John would pass the same bannyon tree at around 11 in the night...sourabh made a plan...he didnt use a dagger but used an old 232 caliber rifle..he was a very sharp shooter...so one day he climbed the bannyon tree and sat and waited for his prey...it became 12 o clock it became 1 o clock there was no trace of John...so as it approached 2 o clock he without his knowledge fell asleep with the gun in his hand...he was in deep sleep when just then John passed the tree...u cannot imagine wat happened next!!!!.....sumone actualy came and woke sourabh up..like sumone came and shook and hit sourabh and woke him up...sourabh woke up saw John and shot him dead....he then went away without any trace....but guyz who could have woked him up on top of the bannyon tree at 2.30 in the night????...no human could have done this...this was done by the spirit of malhotra thirsty to take revenge on John....thats it uyz...hope u liked it

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