Monday, September 14, 2009


Guyz my grandfather had a very very scary and true experience about 60 years back
my grandpa lived in a small house with his father in hanumanthnagar about 60 years ago...his father was a policeman and he used to come home late in the night around 12 in his cycle...and in those days the restroom was not attached to the house so they had to walk about 30 mts from the house to reach the restroom..the restroom was very old and it had many cracks and all that...and it had previously been connected to another house where only one lady lived...ill tell about her in the only the restroom remained and the other house had been day my grandpa wanted to go to the was late in night around 12.45..his father had just then come into to the house and he was at midnight my father went out of the house and proceeded towards the restroom..............................
my grandpa was about 20 years old at that time..he was very brave....60 years ago 1 o clock in the night there was no traffic nothing..not even a person walking in the road...he coulc see the restroom little away and he proceeded towards it...there weas no human activity anywer near the restroom as the house had been demolished...remeber i told u this..ya...then he went inside and as he was attending natures call suddenly he felt that sumone came from the back and pushed him hardly..he fell on the floor...but he didnmt understand who had done it..he quickly came out and saw trhat there was noone...he searched the surroundings and there was lot of open space so there coudnt have been anyone whu could have escaped unspotted...then he didnt make a huge issue although many things were going through his mind...he went to his house n woke up his father...he asked him if he had come out..his father said no and told him that he was sleeping........
then my grandfather kept thinking about wat had happened the whole night...he coudnt understand who would be doing such a thing and escaped just like that without trace...he never thought about this as a supernatural feeling and just left it...but after 55 years that is about 5 years ago his friend pandurangan met he is about 90 years was his daughter who had been in the house 60 years ago befoer it got demolished...i had told u that there was only one lady that was her...he also said that she had comitted suicide a few dayz before the incident had happened...this shocked ma grandfather...he then recollected that it must have been sumting to do with the spirit of the girl who had comitted suicide...thats all guyz it was very true and astonishing...hope u liked it

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